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Little cooks club

Welcome to our Little Cooks Club.


The Little Cooks Club started in September 2015 by Mrs. Denise Sloan & Mrs. Sharon Grant. They work with different groups of children for 6 week slots.

Places are limited due to the nature of the club so are allocated on a first come first served basis.


Cooking is fun!  Learning to prepare meals is an important skill in life, and the earlier children start the better. By acquiring this invaluable skill, children can also gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy diet.  They will eagerly tuck into something and take great pride in watching someone else enjoy their food. The Children learn about food hygiene and responsible safety skills in the kitchen, and above all, discover that cooking is fun!


Pizzas with P7's 22 March 2017

Shortbread 15 March 2017

Yummy Scones....8 March 2017

Primary 7 making French Toast 26 January 2017

Scones 19 January 2017

Pizzas 12 January 2017

Smoothies 5 October 2016

Pitta pockets 28 September 2016

French Toast 21/9/16

Pancake Recipe

What is Pancake Day?


We made yummy fifteens, however due to our school being nut free we substituted coconut for icing sugar!

The recipe is below if you want to try at home.


Mars Bar Bun

Mars Bar Buns

Yummy Toasties­čŹ┤


Please find some of our recipes we have been making so far.....