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Thursday's Maths Challenge

Today we competed another maths week challenge. For today’s challenge we had to go on a number hunt to find all the hidden number hands. The numbers were all hidden very well in our outdoor area but we all were very good at hunting for them and found all the numbers from 1 – 10. When we found all our numbers we had to put them in the correct order and find natural resources outside to match the number that we found!

All About Number 5

This week we have been learning all about the number 5. We have been carrying out all our fun, practical activities to help us read and write the number five, as well as making sets for number 5. Our new song for number five goes like this:

Down and round,

Then a flag on high

That’s the way we make a five

Maths Week - Day 2

For our second day of maths week, we learnt how to play 'Snakes and Ladders'. This game allows us to develop our understanding of counting, position and direction. We played this in our pairs and were very good at taking turns.

Autumn Nature Hunt

Today we went on an Autumn Nature Hunt around our school which was lots of fun! Before we went on our hunt we discussed the signs of Autumn and played a quiz where we had to guess what the autumn picture was. We had a tick list of the things we wanted to find on our Autumn Hunt which we then completed when we got back to the class. These included different coloured leaves, acorns, conkers, sycamore seeds and pinecones. We found all of these things apart from conkers on our school grounds. We added all the autumn things we found around our school to our new Autumn Sensory table. Tomorrow we will do a recount of our Autumn and also make some leaf hedgehogs during art.

Maths Week – Day 1

Today marks the first day of ‘Maths Week’ and we had lots of fun carrying out some maths challenges. To start off the week, we played some hopscotch in the classroom which helps up with number recognition. We then completed the task ‘Five Little Ducks’ which focused on number recognition, counting, comparing and ordering. We each had to order the ducks from 1 -5 before counting out cubes to match the numbers. We then talked about how the cubes started small and got bigger. We then re-ordered the cubes from biggest to smallest and discussed how the numbers went back on the number line when we did this. We can’t wait to go on the number hunt tomorrow around the school!

All About Me Art

We have been continuing to carry out activities on ‘All About Me’. In Art this week, we made a full body portrait of ourselves, using lots of different materials. Miss Trimble said we are a very artistic and creative class! We each got to choose the material we wanted to use for our clothes, eyes and hair before drawing our mouth and nose. We then traced over our names to put beside our portraits. These were added to our friendship wall display and we are very delighted with out it turned out!

Our Senses

In WAU this week, we started to look at our senses. We  are all able to identify the five senses and name the body parts we use for each sense. We focused on the sense of touch today. We know that we use our hands to touch and feel things We each had a turn at closing our eyes and putting our hands into the feely. We had to give our class clues about what we could feel in the feely bag and together, we took a guess. we used lots of great describing words which helped up guess more accurately. We can't wait to use our sense of taste for our taster session next week!


This week in Literacy, we have been focusing on alliteration, to develop our phonological awareness. We listened to the story ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’ and discussed the alliteration in the character’s names. Miss Trimble then played the ‘I spy’ game where we had to guess the name of the person she had spied, by listening to the initial sound of their name. As a class, we came up with alliteration for all the boys and girls name. We then coloured this in and Miss Trimble and Sharon displayed these in our classroom. Have a look at our alliteration names!

Making Sets

In our numeracy lesson this week, we were learning how to make sets of numbers. We each had our own dice to roll which we used to count the dots. We then found the number that represented this number of dots. We have been learning all about ordering numbers correctly so we decided where the numbers went in the number line before counting out the correct number of counters under each number from 1-6. The boys and girls concentrated really hard when carrying out this task and had lots of fun doing so. We also recapped on numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 and had a go at writing these on our whiteboards. Miss Trimble keeps telling us 'Practice Makes Perfect!'

Syllable Fun

We have been developing our self-management skills throughout our Literacy lessons this week. We have been learning all about syllables and in this lesson we had to focus on the activity of counting out the syllables in a word by clapping and setting out counters to represent this. We persisted with the task at hand and maintained attention throughout. We then reviewed our learning as we went over each word and counted out the syllables. This allowed us to self-correct and improve our learning. When we needed help, we knew to put our hands up to seek support. We loved our new syllable song where we clapped put, stomped out and chomped out the sounds and syllables within the words.

All About Number 3

This week we were learning all about the number 3. We each picked up three objects from our class to show we understand three in a set. We then used our magic fingers to make the number 3 formation in the air, before practicing it on our whiteboards. We took turns at different stations with number three activities. This week we especially enjoyed playing number 3 games on the IWB. We also learnt a new song that helps us to remember how to write number 3. It goes like this:

Around the tree,

Around the tree,

That’s the way we make a 3.

Number Recognition

Today in numeracy we carried out lots of work on number recognition and extended our understanding of numicon shapes. We recapped on counting forwards and backwards, re-ordering numbers as well as identifying numbers before and after. We then took turns at rolling our big dice which has numbers and identified which number it landed on before choosing the numicon shape which matched the number shown. After this, we talked about the different colours of the numicon shapes and completed the matching activity.

Sorting 2D Shapes By Colour

We have been busy learning all about 2D shapes again this week. We recapped on the common 2D shapes that we have learning about and talked about the properties of each. We then sorted the 2D shapes into sets, according to their properties. After we completed the sorting activity, we independently completed the pizza shape sorting activity in our numeracy books. Each of the boys and girls decided on what colours they would choose to colour and sort each shape on the pizza. They completed the key to help them remember the colours of each shape.


We have been continuing our work on 'The Three Little Pigs' story throughout the week. We have been working very hard to sequence the story and have had lots of discussions around the start, middle and end of the story. As well as this we have been working on our visualisation skills. This is when we represent what we know about the story in our work. To do this, we listened to a story about where the second little pig went to live after the Big Bad Wolf blew his house down. The story told us all about the beautiful little cottage, deep in the woods and the setting around it. As a class, we discussed the describing words and tried to imagine what the house would look like. We shared our ideas on the Interactive whiteboard, before drawing the house ourselves, based on the information we had heard in the story. Have a look at our visualisation display which is full of the boys and girls fantastic work.


All About Number 2

This week we were learning all about the number 2. We each picked up two objects from our class to show we understand two in a set. We then used our magic fingers to make the number 2 formation in the air, before practicing it on our whiteboards. We took turns at different stations with number two activities. We also learnt a new song that helps us to remember how to write number 2. It goes like this:


Around and back on a railway track,

Two, two, two.

'The Three Little Pigs'

Today we had so much fun recounting The Three Little Pigs story. We listened to the story of The Three Little Pigs and joined in with the repetitive phrases: “Let me in, Let me in”, “Not by the hair on my chinny chin” and “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We then talked about the start, middle and of the story and what happened during these parts. We later took part in retelling each part of the story by using puppets and props. We each had a part in the story to play and had great fun doing so.  

Number Fun

In numeracy this week we are doing lots of number work. Today we practised counting to ten forwards and backwards. We began to look at numbers before and after a given number as well as counting on from a given number. We talked about the order of numbers and as a class, the boys and girls ordered themselves from 0-5, with number cards. We then explored numicon shapes and had lots of fun choosing the correct shape to make a picture. The boys and girls also looked at making sets for given numbers and in their numeracy books, ordered numbers from 0-5 and made sets for these numbers.


We have been continuing to develop our phonological awareness by learning all about syllables. We grouped the boys and girls in the class according to the number of syllables in their name. to help us do this, we clapped out the number of syllables as we said the words. We then looked at different objects and then grouped them according to their number of syllables.

Developing our ICT skills

We have begun to develop our ICT skills in the classroom. We have been using the interactive whiteboard to play games linked to our numeracy and literacy focus. We have all been taking turns at using the IWB pen. In this lesson, we had to carefully select the shape which came next in the pattern as this is our problem solving focus.

All About Number 1

This week we were learning all about the number 1. We each picked up one object from our class to show we understand one in a set. We then used our magic fingers to make the number 1 formation in the air, before practicing it on our whiteboards. We took turns at different stations with number one activities. we also learnt a new song that helps us to remember how to write number 1. It goes like this:

Start at the top and down we run,

When we are done,

We have one.

Silly Soup’

Today we continued our work on rhymes and rhyming words. We sang a song called ‘Silly Soup and made some silly soup with different rhyming words. The children added lots of words that rhymed with a given word such as hat, can and car. The boys and girls loved singing the song that goes as follows:

Today we’re making silly soup,

We’re making soup that’s silly,

We’re going to put it in the fridge to make it nice and chilly.

(Sang to tune of ‘Pop goes the weasel)


 We then played a game where we had to match rhyming words with another person in our class to make a rainbow. We look forward to carrying out some more fun activities on rhyming.

Rhyming Fun

The boys and girls had great fun and proved to be very musical during our rhymes lesson. To begin, we went over some of our favourite nursery rhymes and as a class, decided we would use Humpty Dumpty as our nursery rhyme today. We then each chose an instrument to play along whilst we sang Humpty Dumpty. We explored how each instrument could be played. We then performed Humpty Dumpty with our instruments and discussed terms such as slow, fast, loud and quiet. We performed Humpty Dumpty in each of the different styles and videoed our performance so that we could watch back together. We hope you like it too.


Still image for this video

Exploring Patterns

We have had lots of fun exploring simple patterns. We helped complete ‘Curly the Caterpillar’ on the interactive whiteboard so that he had his whole body together. We then got creative and made a pattern of our own in the classroom. This was a boy/girl pattern. We then extended our thinking and made a further pattern of boy, boy, girl which you can see from our photos. We then chose our own two colours of pegs and continued this pattern on peg boards. Following on from this activity we complete some repeated patterns on scarves. Lots of great thinking was carried out during our numeracy lessons to do so.

Learning Through Play

We are learning all about ourselves through our topic ‘All About Me’. We used mirrors to explore our appearance as well as talking about similarities and differences between ourselves and our peers. We discussed the colour of our eyes, hair and other features. We then drew pictures of ourselves.

My Name

We have been focusing on learning our own name this week and discussing why our name is so special to us. All the boys and girls names were displayed on the interactive whiteboard and each child was encouraged to identify their name. We discussed the ‘tall’ letters in each of our names. We then independently chose our names from the collages to complete. Have a look at our colourful, creative collage names.

2D Shape Trail

To learn all about 2D shapes, we used our shapes feely bag. Miss Trimble felt the shapes in the bag without looking at them and gave the whole class clues about the shape, by discussing the properties. The boys and girls were able to identify a circle, square, rectangle and triangle by doing this. We then had a look around our classroom to find some more of these shapes, before going outside on our shape trail. We found lots of 2D shapes around our school and had lots of fun doing so. We finished off by completing 2D shape mats, placing shapes in the correct place to make a picture of different objects.  

All About Number 0

This week we are learning all about the number 0. The boys and girls have carried out lots of different activities linked to number 0 such as practicing our number formation on whiteboards as well as painting number 0 for our number of the week display. We have also made the number 0 in the sand and manipulated playdough to make number 0 and placed marbles correctly to make number 0. We have learnt a new song that can help us remember how to correctly write our number 0:


Around and round and round we go,

when we get home,

we have zero.


Our Listening Walk

Today we went on a 'listening walk' around our school. We are learning to develop our auditory discrimination and phonological awareness by recognising and discriminating between similar and dissimilar sounds in our environment. To do this, we used our magic listening ears to help us hear sounds more clearly. Some of the sounds we heard included cars, birds, trees blowing in the wind and cows. We then drew these into our books when we got back to the classroom.

Tomorrow we will be going on a listening walk indoors to recognise the similarities and differences between indoor and outdoor sounds in our environment and we can't wait to get our listening ears back on for this!

'All About Me'

The boys and girls have begun developing their understanding of our topic ‘All About Me’, through play. Lots of interaction has taken place in the home corner, where the children have been taking on the roles of family members and carrying out different duties, such as making and serving meals as well as looking after our babies.

The children have also been exploring the small world area and have been great at taking turns when playing with the wooden house. Children have begun exploring the different rooms in the house and adding some furniture to these.


Five Little Speckled Frogs

We started off our numeracy work by learning how to count through rhymes. All the girls and boys were eager to take part and loved taking turns during role play, acting out the five speckled frogs from the nursery rhyme. We can't wait to explore new ways of learning number in our classroom.

First Week of School

Today marks the last day of our first week in primary 1. We all had a fantastic week, full of fun and learning. We explored the different areas in our classroom and made lots of new friends. Miss Trimble and Sharon are so excited to have all the boys and girls back next week!

'Hickory Dickory Dock'

Check out our mice which we made for our Hickory Dickory Dock Display! We each followed instructions to colour in the different body parts,before carefully using our scissors to cut out and stick together. We finished them off by adding a nose and tail of our own choice.

Our First Day of School