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Welcome to Primary 2! 

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Today we had great fun outside in the yard using chalk to draw some pictures. Have a look and see at all the different things we drew.

Miss Double! 

Today we learnt about doubles with the help of Miss Double who appeared in the mirror. We discovered that when you double something you get the same again. This is important to help us add and take away. We also learnt a doubles rap to help us remember these important maths facts.

 Subtraction Fun

This week we have been focusing on subtraction.

In order to help us subtract correctly we need to know how to count backwards from any given number. We practised this skill with the parachute. This was great fun.

We then learnt how to use the Rekenrek to help us subtract. We love using the Rekenrek as it helps us to visualise numbers and subtract easier

Anti-Bulling Week 

This week is Anti-Bulling Week and in P.2. we celebrated friendships. We made some friendship biscuits and talked about the important qualities that we need to be a good friend.

To make the biscuits we needed a:


  • Dash of honesty
  • Handful of kindness
  • Spoon of gentleness
  • Dollop of love
  • Cup of listening
  • Bag of fun.


We talked about why all these ingredients are important for good friendships. We had some fantastic answers and the children also talked about times when they were kind in the yard too.

We got to listen to a lovely friendship story and then we got to decorate our friendship biscuits.

           ODD SOCK DAY!           

Season Play

This week we have introduced our new topic into our play. Our new topic is 'Seasons' and the first season we are learning about is autumn. We have been learning lots about autumn through play whilst also having fun. Have a look at what we have been up to so far this week.. and it is only Monday!! 

Leaf Trouble


Today we started our new topic Seasons. We listened to a story called Leaf Trouble and discovered that trees loose their leaves in autumn to try and save energy for the cold, winter weather. We then used some autumn leaves to make hedgehogs. Everyone's work was really beautiful.

Number Bonds to 5 

Today we learnt how to add numbers to 5 quickly. This is an extremely important skill and it is important that we can recall these number facts instantly as this will help us with mental addition of larger numbers. We played lots and lots of fun games to help us visualise the numbers and learn the addition facts. 

We fed the number monsters. We had to use the Numicon to balance the balance pan by making 5 on each side. We got to match the train shapes to make 5. We got to fix the ladybirds by putting 5 on their backs. We got to make 5 Numicon towers and 5 shape snails too. We were so excited and learnt lots. 

Woolly Hat Day 

Today we took part in woolly hat day to help raise money to support Mourne Stimulus.

Half Past


This week we have been learning how to tell the time when the clock displays half past times. We have a new display in our classroom to help us with this. We had to work as a class to finish the display and add the digital and analogue clock times to the correct play on the display. We also used our own clocks and played a game against Miss Cunningham where we had to make the times she called out on our clocks. This was great fun and we won AGAIN! 

Finally we played a game on the laptops where we had to read the analogue clock and click on the correct digital time. We loved this game and got a chance to use our earphones too! If you would like to practise this game at home you will find a link to it in the Numeracy Classwork section on Google Classroom. 


Making Connections

Today we started to talk about a comprehension skill called 'making connections'. This will be our comprehension focus until Christmas. We focused on the first part of this skill today 'text to self connections'. This involves trying to link the story to yourself. We read a story about Wemberly Worried. This story was about a mouse who worried about lots of things. We then made connections to ourselves by trying to think of times that we worry and who we talk to when we worry. We discussed the school safeguarding team and who in school you can talk to if your worried. Have a look at our pictures to see us making connections. 

Maths Week!

This week was maths week and we spent all week celebrating by completing lots of fun maths activities every day. We completed some problem solving challenges where we had to figure out how many animals were in the field, we made some shape pictures, played maths board games and completed challenge shape activities using lollipop sticks. We even had a quiz where Miss Cunningham competed against the P.2. children to do some addition sum and Miss Cunningham LOST! We really enjoyed maths week and we understand why maths is so important to learn every day. 

Hunting for shapes

This week we became detectives in P.2. and we went outside on a mission to find some 2D shapes. First, we put on our coats. Next we were given a tablet. Then we went outside and searched for shapes. Finally, we took pictures of all the 2D shapes we could see. 

When we came back into the classroom we got a chance to show the rest of the children the shapes we found. We loved getting to use the tablets to take pictures. This helped us to develop our ICT skills and maths skills too. 


Fun with Number 12


 Numeracy today we learnt about the number 12. We made 12 in lots of different ways and even got to watch a video to meet Numberblock 12. We all enjoy using the jumbo tweezers to put pompoms into the Numicon holes to make 12. We discovered 12 is made up of a 10 and a 2. After that we completed a worksheet on the number 12.

Mental addition of 1 

This week we discovered that when you add 1 to a number the number gets bigger and lands on the next number in the number line. We used the Rekenrek to help us visualise this. We practised our mental addition skills through playing a game with our partner where we had to race round the game board to get to the finish line.We really enjoyed playing this game. 

          Hold up a shape

Today we played a really fun game. Miss Cunningham called out a 2D shape and we had to race to hold up the correct shape. We also sang a 2D shape song and met some 2D animals. 

            Monster Shapes


Today we learned about 2D shapes. We practised our skills on the computer by feeding the shapes to each shape monster. We loved this game. It was great fun. 


Number 11


This week we learnt all about the number 11. We discovered that 11 is made up of a 10 and a 1. We made the number 11 using lots of different things. We used Numicon, counters, Numberblocks and a Rekenrek. We even got to fill out Numicon with 11 sweets. We found out that it doesn't matter where the 1 goes as long as 10 and 1 are together it makes 11. This was good fun. 

Counting on from a given number.

We have been practising counting on from a given number. This is an important skill to help us with addition. 

We played lots of games to help us. 

Time Traveller ED


We have been doing lots of work on recount writing this term. We have learn that recount texts are all past tense. So we decided we need to learn about how to write past tense words. Time Traveller Mr Ed helped us to learn about making verbs past tense. We discovered all we have to do is add 'ed'. Watch this video if you would like to learn about Time Traveller Mr Ed too. 

Mr Wolf

Learnt about recount writing by reading Mr Wolf's diary. We checked his diary to make sure it had all the important features and he did. He wrote his diary in the correct order, he used time words and he wrote about how he felt. 

Mr Wolf wrote us a letter to tell us he was innocent and he didn't blow down the 3 Little Pigs' Houses. We then discussed the question words 'who, what, where, when and why' and used these to help think of good questions to ask Mr Wolf to find out if he was innocent or not.


Today we practised reading and spelling some of our HFW. We had some great fun and played lots and lots of different games! Have a look at our pictures to see what we got up to! 

Before, after and between.


Today in Numeracy we learnt about the words before and after. Miss Cunningham called out a number and then we had to find it on our number track and cover it up with our counter. We then had to tell her the number that came before and the number that came after. This was great fun and we even got to play in pairs afterwards. After our game was over, we each got a Party Number Hat. We got to wear the hat and then we had to try and put ourselves into the correct order. This was great fun! We didn't want to take our hats off!

Spooky Phonics


In the game we work together to pop the bubbles from the cauldron that had the correct letters. This helped us to learn what the sounds look like and also helped us learn what sounds the different letters make. As we added the correct letters to the cauldron, a magical creature started to grow.




In primary 2 we have been learning about patterns. We started by making a pattern with ourselves. We create a pattern that was boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. After this, we used lots of different materials to create patterns. We worked with our partners to create these patterns and learnt lots about working together and taking turns. After we had finished, we went on a parade around the classroom to see everyone’s work. This was great fun.


We have had a chance to use the iPads this week and we were very excited. We played two games. One game was called Phonics Pop. In this game, we had to listen to the sounds and pop the correct letter. The second game was called Shape Patterns. We had to finish the patterns on the trains. We really enjoyed using 5he iPads and can’t wait to use them again next week.


This week we have been working on our cutting skills. We had to use scissors to cut along the lines on our pages. This allowed us to practise holding the scissors properly and cutting carefully along the line. This also allowed us to develop our fine motor skills which are really important for handwriting. 

Farm Play

This term our topic is The Farm. Our play this week has been based around the farm. Have a look at what we have been getting up to! We are having so much fun!

Ordering Numbers

This week we have been learning how to recognise numbers, recognise the matching Numicon, count forwards and count backwards. All the numbers 1-10 were mixed up on the washing line. We had to put them into the correct order. We had such good fun doing this. We also played a game which involved us putting our hand into a secret box and without looking, we had to try and find the correct Numicon shape. This helps us to visualise the numbers in our minds. 

What have you been up to?

This week we started to learn about recount texts. We learnt that recount texts have to be in the correct order, they use time words, they tell you what the person did and how the person felt. We got to recount our weekend to our partner. We used the recount chart to help us structure our oral sentences to make sure that we included all the important details that a recount text has. We enjoyed this because we got to hear about what P2 got up to over the weekend. 


We have been learning about the sounds s,a,t,p,i and n in school. This week we got to include this in our play and play games to help us work out the first sound in words. We played lots of different games and we had that much fun we forgot we were learning at the same time!

Numbers to 10

We have been working really hard to learn about numbers to 10. All week we’ve been practising how to write the numbers and count up to 10 correctly. We got to take part in some really exciting games that were focused on learning numbers. We really enjoyed it and learnt lots.

Rhyming Friends


This week in P2 we have been learning about rhyming words. We watched a video and learnt that rhyming words end in the same letters. We learned that only the first letter changes. We then got to take part in at dancing rap and match the rhyming words using special actions. Finally, we were given mittens with words on them. We had to walk around the room to find our rhyming friend. We really enjoyed learning about rhyming words and hope that it will help us Help us to spell.



This week we have been working hard on our listening skills and phonological awareness. We played a game where we had to listen carefully to the number of claps our teacher made. We then had to copy how many claps she did and we also have to think about how fast she clapped. We really enjoyed this and afterwards some of us got a turn at clapping too. 



In this game we practised our phonological awareness skills by speaking like a robot to help us break words down into syllables. We really enjoyed this as we got to move like a robot too.

Musical Sounds

We played this game to help us practice our phonological awareness skills. In this game one person from Our class had to hide behind a screen. They then picked one instrument and played it. Everyone else in the class had to try and guess what instrument they were playing. This helped us to develop our auditory discrimination skills.We really enjoyed experimenting with all the different instruments.

Teddy Bus


This week we have been spending some time recapping on numbers 1 to 5. We used counters and pretended they were teddy bear to help us put the correct number of teddies on the bus. We really enjoyed this and it was great fun taking the teddy bear on and off the bus. It helped us to visualise the numbers 1 to 5.

Super Soap


In Primary 2 we talked about the importance of washing your hands correctly. We listened to a story about a character called Super Soap who helped all the children in the class to wash their hands correctly. He even taught us a song to help us wash our hands properly. 


Over, under, round and through,
Don’t forget to add soap too.

Clean, clean, clean and then you'll know,
Down the sink the germs will go. 

Over, under, round and through,
Don’t forget to dry them too.


We then covered our hands in glitter to help us make sure that we washed our hands properly. This helped us to learn the importance of using soap to clean away all the germs. 

First Day in Primary 2

Today was our very first day back in P.2. and we all had a great day. We were so excited to get to see our friends again. Miss Cunningham was delighted to have us back in her classroom. We can't wait to have more fun tomorrow! 

Welcome back P2! We are all so excited to see you! Have a look at our video to see what we look like with our masks on! 🙂

Still image for this video