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Please visit our page every week to see the great learning and fun activities that we are doing throughout the school year.

This week in PDMU we have been talking about how special we are. We drew ourselves in our school uniforms and talked about how proud we are to be part of our lovely school. We had a chat about what makes us special as individuals- some of us are good at art or football- some of us love our pets- some of us loved our hair 😀

Enjoying the sunshine as we take part in the Daily Mile


What time is it?


This week in Numeracy we carried out some work on time.  We used our clocks to show o'clock and half past.  We know that when the big hand is at 12 it means o'clock and when the big hand is at 6 it means half past. 





Today we got the chance to work on our computers. We had to log ourselves in and we got some time to play ICT games. Later, as a group, we learned how to log into our Google Classroom and try out some simple tasks.




We have been busy bees this week revising our phonics.  We have been working hard to make lists of 2 and 3 letter words. We have been revising the alphabet and watching fun clips to help us remember our sounds. 

We carried out an activity called What Makes Me Happy? We discussed occassions when we are happy and things that make us happy. We came up with lots of ideas!


We have been learning to work together and stay safe inside our special classroom bubble.

Our class is a bubble
All about me


This week we have been spending a lot of time getting to know each other. We put together a display all about us. The children got together to create a list of class rules for us to follow to help us all work to the best of our ability in the classroom environment. 

Our class contract


Our portraits 😃