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We hope that you enjoy looking at

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of our school activities throughout the year.

A Tangram is a Chinese Shape Puzzle. It is a square cut into 7 different shapes. These shapes can be used to make many, many different pictures. We had great fun trying to create the some of the pictures possible. 

We worked together to improve our money skills. We counted out different amounts of money, using the fewest number of coins and then we had to remember to record our answers using the correct notation. 

We took part in “Woolly Hat Day,” to help raise funds for “Mourne Stimulus.”

In our Problem Solving Activity, we had to create towers of cubes using only two colours to see how many different heights of towers we could create using one cube, or two cubes, or three cubes. We realised that there was a relationship between the heights of cubes and the total number of different towers that could be created.

We had great fun reinforcing our learning on telling the time, number bonds and 2D Shape using the interactive quiz, “Kahoot!” It is multiple choice, but you need to be quick to press the correct answer.

As this is the Harvest Season, we were invited to colour “Butterflies of Hope,” as we seek to share HOPE for the season we are in. Theses are now displayed on our classroom window for everyone to see. 

We explored tessellation in 2D shapes through practical activities. We cut out a variety of regular 2D shapes. We then had to see if they could be used to tile without leaving any gaps or having any overlaps. If there were no gaps, it meant that the shape could tesselate. Some shapes were a lot easier to work with  than others.




We had great fun in our Handling Data lesson. We collected information on the different colours of Smarties that could be found in a tube, using a frequency table. 

We used the information we collected on the colours of Smarties in a tube, using a frequency table to create pictographs. We then interpreted the data in order to find out what colour of Smartie was found most often, least often and the differences in number between different colours. We finished off our session by eating our Smarties! Yum Yum! 

We worked together to discover the features of Recount Text.

We used mirrors to help us find the lines of symmetry in letters and shapes. We also used them to help us complete patterns and pictures so they had one line of symmetry.

As the sun shone we took our learning outside. To reinforce our number bonds, we had great fun playing "Count Around." Of course we had a PE twist to it. Great fun!

We are working on having quick recall of the number bonds of 10. We played “Giant Pairs!” We turned over a numbered card and we had to find the matching card, that created the total of 10. Olivia and Darcie both managed to find four pairs each.

We had great fun, exploring lines of symmetry. We created "paint blob pictures," that had one line of symmetry.

We cut and folded regular 2D shapes to see if they had lines of symmetry. We discovered that a regular pentagon has 10 lines of symmetry. It took a lot of folding and patience to find all the lines.

In ICT we all had the opportunity to login to the C2kNewsDesk, read the most recent articles and leave a comment. We also joined Google classroom, where we can communicate with each other and our teacher. It was great fun!

We were exploring syllables. We know that all words contain syllables and if we break words down into syllables, it will help us to spell the word. We played a game, where we were given the first syllable of a word and we had to find its match. It was great fun.

We have been recalling how to read, write and order numbers to 100. We have been studying the patterns in a 100 square, matching numbers to words, spelling numbers correctly and continuing the sequence of given numbers. We have played “I have....Who has? where a player has to call out the number on their card and ask a question to find out who has the next number in the sequence. We used a timer to see how fast we could do it. At the start of the week it took 5mins 3sec. At the end of the week we managed to do it in 2mis 50 sec. We plan to get even bettter!

Patterns and Relationships was the theme of Our Problem Solving Activity, “Granny’s Stripey Scarf,” where we had to use different strategies and follow the pattern of the scarf to find out the colour of a particular numbered stripe. Some people, made a model using cubes, some drew a scarf and created the pattern and some were able to predict the colour using a number pattern only. We had to be able to discuss the strategy we used.

We have put up displays in our classroom, to celebrate how we are all unique.