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Holy Cross Team

School Principal

Acting Principal

Acting Principal 1 Mrs C. Sloan, B. Ed Art & Desgin, M. Ed SEN, AMBDA

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs J Norris B Ed Art, PGCE Computers in Education
Teaching Staff 2 Miss B Collins B.Ed
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S Morrow BsSc Sociology, PGCE Primary
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs C Woods B.Ed. Mathematics
Cathy Woods Primary 1
Teaching Assistants
Picture 1 Mrs Denise Sloan Primary 1
Picture 2 Mrs Margaret Murphy Primary 2
Picture 3 Mrs Sharon Grant Primary 1
School Caretaker
Picture 1 Miss Bernadette O' Hagan

School Secretary

Mrs Denise Sloan


Dinner ladies

Mrs Roisin Trainor

Miss Bernadette O' Hagan


I.T. Support

Mr Eamon Ward

Board of Governors


Board Representatives

Chairman: Mr Patrick Quinn

Mr Sean Fitzpatrick


Trustee Representatives

Health and safety Link Governor: Mr Martin Sloan

Play Link Governor & Finance Sub-Committee: Mrs Joanne Mc Cartan

Staff Health, Welfare and Attendance. Finance Sub-committee: Mrs Jayne Cooney

Link Governor for Safeguarding and Child Protection: Mrs Geraldine Sloan


Parent Representative

Literacy Link Governor: Mrs Geraldine Sloan


DENI Representative

Vice Chairperson & Numeracy Link Governor: Mrs Anne Rice


Teacher Representative

Mrs Cathy Woods


Secretary to the Board of Governors

Mrs Charlene Sloan (Acting Principal)