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ECO Schools Award

Plastic Free Under the Sea!

After weeks of hard work from everyone in school, the Eco-team finally completed their wonderful display. 

Over the past few weeks/months, everyone in the school have pulled together and collected as many bottle lids as they could! We had every colour of the rainbow! The Eco-Team then carried out some research  and planned what sort of a display they could make with the bottle lids. We decided to make a display with a message that continues to promote our focus on plastic reduction this year! Our display reads 'Plastic Free Under the Sea!  

Well done to everyone involved and thank you for your help! 

Be part of the solution, not the pollution

After numerous Litterpicks in the field behind our school, the Eco Team decided to make some posters to encourage no littering. They did a great job and included some fantastic detail. We displayed them in the field for visiters to see. Well done Eco Team! 

Today primary 1 learnt about flowers and how they grow. We even got to plant some sunflower seeds. We can't wait to see what happens. 

Today we carried out another litter pick in the field behind the school just in time for sports day. We collected a whole bag of recyclable waste and a whole bag of general waste.

Well done to the Eco-Team! Next week we will be making signs for the field to remind people not to litter. 

Today the P6 and 7 boys and girls noticed lots of litter in the field. They set off to clean it up and collected 3 bags of litter. Well done boys and girls! Keep up the hard work! 

Bottle Lid Art 


Plastic Pollution is a big problem for the environment. Our Eco-Team decided to try and reduce plastic pollution by reusing plastic bottle lids to create art. Over the past few weeks  every class in the school has been collecting plastic bottle lids. On Monday the Eco-team gathered them from each class and sorted them out by colour. We hope to start using the lids to make a beautiful display next week. Stay tuned to see the results. :) 

Beach Clean and Cranfield 

The P5,6 and 7 headed off to Cranfield beach today to take part in a beach clean. They carried out a survey on the waste types present on the beach before getting stuck in to remove the litter. They gathered a huge amount of waste that would have been extremely harmful for the animals and members of the public. Afterwards, they enjoyed some well deserved playtime in the park before heading back to school. What a productive day… 🌍👍

A huge thank you to Conor, Field Officer for Eco schools, for all of his help today. 



































Sustran Big Walk and Wheel Challenge.

Today marks the end of the Sustran Big Walk and Wheel Challenge. Thank you to everyone for their participation. Overall, the children made a fantastic 641 journeys.

Environmental Youth Speak Competition 2022

Absolutely fantastic work by Ella Murphy. 

Bin Monitors

Today Ella (P7) and Jack (P5) went around each class to present them with new bin labels made by our Eco-Team. They explained the importance of recycling and told the children what sort of things they can recycle. The children got a chance to ask Ella and Jack questions about how to recycle correctly. We had lots of fantastic questions.

Ella and Jack explained that bin monitors will be checking the bins after lunch on Tuesdays-Fridays to ensure that the bins are being used correctly. 

Thank you for all your help Jack and Ella. 

Clean Up Number 3

  Adopt a Spot is a scheme that enables volunteers across Northern Ireland to adopt an area and look after it. Our Eco-Team pledged to adopt our school spot and do at least 4 litter picks for the year. Today we received our 'Adopt a spot' kit which provides us with the resources to support us in reaching this goal. Our kit contains: litterpickers, gloves, first aid kit, sharps box, bags and bucket. 

Today we got started on our 3rd litter pick this year. Today we focused on cleaning the field behind the school. 

Next week we hope to make some signs to remind people to recycle/bin their rubbish. 

Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2022.


This morning seen the start of our Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2022. The challenge runs from 21 March to 1 April. 

We had a great start to the challenge with lots of children out enjoying the walk to school in the lovely weather this morning. It was a great way to start the day and also helped us to protect the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road this morning. It was lovely to see the big smiles on the children's faces as they walked, cycled and scooted to school. Some of us even spotted some lambs on our walk. 

Recycling Plastic. 

We have lots of different bins in our classroom. We have a general waste bin, food bin, tissue bin and recycling bin. Sometimes we can get confused and put the wrong things in each bin.

Our Eco-Team have been working very hard to produce some videos to help you learn how to use the bins in our class correctly. Our focus this year is to reduce plastic pollution, so the videos they made focus on teaching how to recycle plastic.


Have a watch of the videos below to learn how to recycle. 

If you have any questions, write them down and ask your teacher to pass them onto the Eco-Team. 


In our classrooms we have lots of different types of bins. We have been monitoring the plastic in our bins and discovered that lots of people have been putting plastic in the wrong bin. We worked together to think of some solutions to the problems. We decided to make some videos to teach the children how to recycle plastic correctly. Stay tuned to see what we create.

Litter Pick

Today we did another litter pick. We started in the school carpark and then moved on to the Tullyframe Road. We collected  bag of recyclable materials and 1 bag of general waste. Well done Eco-Team! 

Water Meter

We are trying to reduce water usage in our school. We started today by finding the water meter and recording the reading. This will help us to track how much water is being used in our school and help us to ensure that there are no leaks. 

Litter Picking

Today we went on a litter pick around the school. We searched for any litter, and we collect it to put in the bin. Now our school is nice and tidy. Next week, we plan to do a litter pick in the field behind the school.  

Plastic Promise


Today we made our Plastic Promise to put an end to throwaway plastics. 

We pledged to 

      -bring reusable water bottles to school. 

      -switch to reusable lunch boxes. 

      -bring reusable plates and cutler to school. 


A new addition to our garden

Today the Eco Team planted a Blossom Tree in our school grounds. We hope this helps the wildlife in our area. We watered the tree using recycled water to help reduce our water consumption. 

Sharing our thoughts on Eco Issues with  Newry, Mourne and Down District Council. 


This week all the boys and girls in KS2 designed a leaf. On one side they wrote a promise about what they are going to do for the environment. On the other side they wrote what they think our local council could do to help the environment. The ideas were well thought out and leaves beautifully designed. 


On Thursday 18th November 2021  our Eco Team got the opportunity to go to Newry, Mourne and Down District Council to present the leaves and their ideas. This was a great opportunity to get our fantastic ideas heard! Well done to everyone involved. 


Primary 1 are introduced to Eco Schools.


Last week P6/7 composed a rap for the SDLP's campaign on the Climate Crisis... This fitted in perfectly with the end of their 'Rainforest' topic as they had been discussing the negative impacts deforestation has on the rainforest but also the wider world. The winners get to go to Stormont to discuss the issues with MLAs. Click the link below to watch the video. We hope you like it!

Adopt a Spot 

This week we signed up to the 'Adopt a Spot' scheme and adopted our school  and the area surrounding it.

Our school will take on the roll of protecting this area and reducing the impact we are having on the environment. We will carry out litter picks, and plant flowers where possible to protect this beautiful area. 

Daily Mile Challenge

Plant and Grow

Today we created a vegetable patch. Primary 3 planted lots of different types of herbs. They planted basil, thyme, mint, parsley, and chives. 

Primary 6 girls planted some vegetables. They planted leeks, onions, beetroot, lettuce and even some brussels sprouts.

We can not wait to see what nice things grow and we can’t wait to taste them either.


Iron Man Survival Blankets

This year each class in our school have been working hard to collect all their empty crisp packets. We spent 3 months gathering them up. We collected £300 crisp packets. We then washed them all out, dried them and cut them up read to send away to 'Iron Man Survival Blankets.' This is an amazing organisation which irons all the crisp packets together to make blankets for the homeless. We are delighted to our part in helping this worthwhile cause. 

Wild Challenge

This year we have been working really hard to support biodiversity around our school. We took part in the Wild Challenge to support us with this. We worked really hard and have made a big difference around our school. We added bird feeders, homes for frogs, homes for minibeasts, homes for hedgehogs and even planted flowers. 

We are delighted to say all our hard work has worked as we have seen a lots of wildlife around our school. 


We even achieved a Gold Wildlife Challenge Award for all our hard work.


 We have been  inspired to continue to learn through nature now that we have achieved our Gold award and we will continue to take action to help save nature and biodiversity. 

Welcome to our Four Seasons Biodiversity Resort.

We have Froggy Spas, a Birdy Food Court, a Bug Hotel, a Hedgehog Hotel and a  Busy Bee Florist. 

Wild Seeds

Thank you to Ella for bringing in a code for the Keelings rewilding initiative… we received a lovely pack of seeds to plant in our new eco patch! Well done Ella J

Birdy Food Court 

Great work from the primary 4 and 5 boys and girls who made some lovely bird feeders for our Eco Garden

Bug Hotel 

Primary 3 worked really hard to create some bug hotels this week. They spent lots of time painting pallets to make them look pretty for the minibeasts. Then they added lots of leaves, twigs, branches and wood to make a lovely home for the insects. Excellent work boys and girls. I am sure we will have lots of mini-beasts moving into our new hotel. 


Primary 2 carried out a survey to find out about biodiversity around the school. They discovered there wasn't a lot of wildlife around the school. We decided that we needed to try and make the school grounds more suitable for wildlife to live in. We came up with some ideas for things that we could do to try and help the biodiversity around the school.


Primary 7 worked very hard and created a wonderful video to explain what biodiversity means. Have a watch of the video below to learn about biodiversity. If you have any more questions about biodiversity, email them to and the Eco-team will get back to you with some answers. 


Keelings are running a ‘rewilding’ initiative to help replace habitats for our pollinators. Please look out for any codes if you happen to purchase Keelings fruit punnets over the next few weeks.

We would love to get some seed packets so the boys and girls can get outdoors and do some planting in our school grounds as part of our eco school work!


Keelings event.mp4

Still image for this video

Primary 1's Bug Hotel

Today P.1. continued their work on mini-beasts and made a bug hotel for the all the mini-beasts that live in our school environment. They discussed the habitats that mini-beats live in and decided on the best material to collect and place into our bug hotel. We are so excited to keep an eye on their bug hotel to see how many different mini-beats are attracted .

Sunny Fun

Primary 1 have been enjoying the sunshine this week in by getting outdoors and planting sunflower seeds for their outdoor area. They know that some mini-beasts enjoying flying or crawling into nice bright flowers.

They have put them in a nice, sunny corner of their garden and they can't wait to look after them and watch them grow.

Froggy Spas

Primary 7 have been working very hard to make some habitats for frogs. They used clay and moulded the clay into a cave shape. They then added lots of natural materials to make the caves look more natural and frog friendly. We also made a frog pond. We hope that we have made a lovely area that frogs will like to live in. 

Buzzy Bee Florist


Today Primary 1,2 and 3 got involved in some planting. We wanted to plant some plants to help biodiversity around the school. We did some research and picked plants that minibeasts are attracted too, like Lavender and Butterfly Bushes. We also selected lots of colourful flowers. We even planted some strawberries and tomatoes. We can’t wait to see what grows over the next couple of weeks.