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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement


`Holy Cross Primary School is a Catholic School that promotes the values of love, respect, truth, justice and forgiveness in every aspect of school life. The Catholic ethos permeates our entire curriculum and we aim to celebrate the uniqueness of every child. Our school is committed to developing each child’s full potential to become confident, active and responsible members of the community. `


We aim to achieve this by:


  • Creating a happy, stimulating and secure environment for each child.

  • Ensuring that each child feels a sense of self-worth and is encouraged to develop confidence and self-esteem.

  • Promoting a positive, joyful and caring attitude to life and others regardless of religious, social or cultural backgrounds and an understanding of the wider world in which we live.

  • Working in partnership with the child, their parents and the wider community, to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

  • Ensuring a climate of collegiality, listening, trust, collaboration, healing and peace led by the example of all adults throughout the school.