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Safeguarding and Child Protection

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Team



If any child in school has a concern they know they can speak to any member of the safeguarding team at any time. Any concerns shared with other staff members are brought to the attention of the Safeguarding Team. The wellbeing of our pupils is of utmost importance to all our staff.


The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy is available on the Website and a hard copy can be requested from the School Office. Hard copies are issued to the parents every two years or on admission to the school.


          Designated Teacher:            

Mrs C. Woods


Deputy Designated Teacher:     

Miss L. Cunningham



Mrs C Sloan


             Governor for Safeguarding and Child Protection               

Mr Brian Cunningham 


                         Chair of the Board of Governors                          

Mr P. Quinn

Our Safeguarding Team August 2021

Safer Schools App 

Please download the Safer Schools app for regular information and guidance to help keep our children safe. 


COVID19 safeguarding response 

Friday 17th April 2020

´╗┐Dear Parents/guardians, 

As always, Holy Cross remains committed to the wellbeing and safety of our pupils. We have received ongoing correspondence from our colleagues from the safeguarding and child protection services to ensure we remain in a position to fulfill our role of safeguarding our pupils despite the ongoing school closures. 
Please be advised of the information below related to safeguarding.You may have seen on the news and through other media that the rate or child protection referrals has decreased to both PSNI and local HSCTs.  This reaffirms the role of schools in safeguarding children and we wish to ensure we are in a position to continue this  Important role. 
Despite the closures, contact can still be made via the website, email or Facebook message should you have concerns regarding child wellbeing for any reason and we will endeavour to provide assistance and support o those in need. 
Holy Cross PS remains a referral agency for the local food bank. 
All such concerns or referrals will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. 



Below is a resource from UNHCR.  A story book for children and is also translated into a number of different languages.  It’s a lovely book to download for younger children.


Below is a link for Wayne Denner’s website that provides information on all things online which can be shared with parents.


The NSPCC are also offering tips for online safety and in particular social media. (NetAware)


We shared the Community Helpline for Covid-19 and the Department for Communities have asked that the information below also be shared.  It may be useful.


The Covid-19 Community Helpline went live on Friday 27 March and operates 9am to 5pm, 7 days per week initially, although this will be kept under review and the service can be increased if necessary.  The Helpline has been taking calls from members of the public who need advice and support relating to the COVID 19 emergency, initially linking people into local services.


Some of the services which can be accessed via the helpline include: delivery of food parcels to vulnerable people including those in the shielded group who have no other way to access food deliveries; information about retailers offering delivery in a local area; help from the voluntary and community sector to deliver prescription medication and advice on claiming benefits.  Advice NI have put in place a detailed directory of community and voluntary organisations at both a local and regional level covering everything from domestic abuse, to mental health to local sports groups willing to walk dogs for vulnerable people.  Helpline staff will provide a warm handoff to the relevant service if they are unable to deal with a query themselves, and are aware of the need for a warm handoff to the Nexus service if a caller reports domestic abuse during the course of the conversation.

The helpline is for vulnerable people who have no other method of accessing support.  If a vulnerable person already has sufficient support in place, either from family and friends or from a voluntary organisation then they should continue to rely on that in the first instance.

On the question of whether representatives could call the helpline on someone’s behalf the answer is yes, as long as the person has given permission to the representative to share their details and act on their behalf.

The Helpline service also offers e-mail and text message response facility.

Telephone:         0808 802 0020                   Email:                     Text: ACTION to 81025 


Should you have any concerns or any further queries please contact myself or Mrs Woods directly on the emails below. 

kind regards, 

Mrs C. Sloan 

Dear Parents,


We, the staff of Holy Cross Primary School, are committed to ensuring that 'Safeguarding children' at our school is given the highest priority and permeates all aspects of school life.


We endeavour to be meticulous and systematic in our implementation of policies and routines. Safeguarding our pupils involves every member of the school community and we ensure the awareness of safeguarding issues and concerns remain a key focus throughout the year for governors, staff, parents and pupils.


Robust systems of record keeping and reviews of all linked policies and procedures are in place to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to promote children's safety.


As with all aspects of school life, we appreciate and seek the valuable input derived from strong partnerships with our parents and external agencies including; The Child Protection Service, CCMS, NSPCC and the PSNI.


It is only through these proactive measures that we ensure we are in a position to achieve the highest standards of best practice.


Yours sincerely

Mrs. C. Sloan (April 2018)