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Farm safety 2020



Every year in school, we take part in the farm safety competition, which usually involves a visit from one of the farm safety team bringing some clear messages about farm safety to our pupils, most of whom live on or frequently visit farms. 


This year the competition is taking on a somewhat different format. The letter below outlines full details. 


The poster competition is open to all pupils from P1-7. They have to create a poster based on the weekly theme. It can be done on A3 or A4 plain paper and is to be submitted by sending a photo or scanned copy to 


You must include a cover note with your child's name, school and your contact number. Please retain the hard copy as they will need it in the event your child's poster is selected as a winner. 


Look out for the weekly update on the theme which will be shared via our facebook page. 


I strongly encourage you to explore these themes each week to help keep our children safe while in and around working farms. 


Thank you