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Classroom Displays

Picture 1 Our CVC reading tree. Children use the Velcro sounds to make up the words on the leaves of the tree, or make up their own words.
Picture 2 Our new summer display. We made cute little beach huts from coloured lollipop sticks, seagulls from paper plates, boats from 2D shapes and we even wrote some "summer bucket lists."
Picture 3 Our Topic related Maths display for "On the farm." On this display children explored differences in height (hay bales), 2D shapes (tractor), number bonds to 10 (tree), pattern (birds).
Picture 1 Buildings Display- We made the 3 little pigs houses using mixed media. We talked about all the shapes and patterns in the buildings, and even made curtains for the windows!
Picture 2 P1 House- During our Buildings topic we decided to pair up and make room interiors from scrap materials. When we finished, we put them together to make our very own house! Can you spot the different rooms?
Picture 3 . P1 entrance- We put together a beautiful Spring display to celebrate all the joys of Spring. We included sheep, flowers, rainbows, rain and most importantly an umbrella! On our classroom door we designed a "building foundations" display. We each wrote our name in our best handwriting
Picture 4 2. "People who help us" Display- We looked at people who help us in the community and picked our 3 favourites. We enjoyed making a ladder, First Aid Kit and Lollipop Stick from scrap materials. Can you spot some of the P1 people who help us in the purple mash pictures?