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Letter to P4 boys and Girls on their Holy Communion date

Saturday 16th May

Dear Primary four boys and girls,

As I have written this letter to you all, I have each of your happy little faces in my mind- how I miss seeing those faces each morning, greeting me with a smile as we go to class. Today, I think of the extra sparkle those smiles should have on what would be such an exciting morning for you, the morning of your First Holy Communion.

I, like Mrs Graham and all the staff of our school, am filled with sadness and disappointment today at not being able to be with you to celebrate this very special occasion. I know you and your families are disappointed too and indeed that preparations would have been underway for this day for a long time.

The message I want to say to you today is this; your special day may not be happening today as we would like but today is still special and a day to celebrate you! I’m sure your families will want to mark this day, thanking God for the wonderful gift you are in all our lives. Perhaps, as Mrs Graham has mentioned, you will place a special object on your May altar that reminds everyone of you (maybe a photograph or a favourite item). I hope you will join your family to watch the special mass being said for you by Father Sean Cahill online this morning, where we will all be thinking of you while we pray.

While these things will not compensate for missing out on this big day with your family, friends and school, it will make today special for you until the time comes when we can properly prepare and celebrate your First Holy Communion in the way each of you deserves.


A parent shared this poem with me recently and I thought it very appropriate:


A Poem for Primary 4

It’s not the day we may have planned on this very special date,

Never did we think you’d be the class who’d have to wait.

So excited to start P4, what a big year for you all

But now because of this nasty bug, it’s not your year at all!


I wonder what you are really thinking when you say;

“It’s ok. Just keep the outfit in the wardrobe…

It’ll do another day.”

You’ll get your day little heroes, we’ll all make sure you do.

But today won’t be your Communion day and that’s ok with you.


You say you miss your friends, your teacher and your class,

We keep telling you to see it through and all this too will pass.

So, when you get to make your Holy Communion,

It will be a very special date,

Because the P4 class of 2020, were the class who had to wait!!


I have shared some messages below from our P6/7 class and a very special song, which you and the school choir had already started learning in preparation for your first Holy Communion, reminding us what this day is all about.

I do hope you share photos of anything you get up to today to mark the occasion with Mrs Graham, as we would all love to see them.

We are all thinking of you and your families and offering up special prayers, just for you!

God Bless,

Mrs Sloan and all the staff at Holy Cross PS