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Update RE support for Key workers

Update re support for Key workers 

Firstly, thank you to those parents who made contact today to enable an accurate gauge of the number of children for which we would be required to provide a ‘care hub’ over the coming weeks. 

These numbers are crucial to enable careful consideration of how this hub will operate. 

However, with a lack of clarity, or operational plan from DE outlining the protective measures that need to be in place, we feel we cannot safely provide childcare for children of key workers on Monday 23rd March. 

We need adequate time to risk assess to ensure full compliance with PHA guidance related to personal protective equipment and social distancing.

At present medical professionals advise that the safest place for your children is at home. 

We will endeavour to keep you fully informed of all developments. We fully recognise the importance of the key roles you provide and seek to support you fully during this challenging time. 

Thank you 

Parish of Upper Mourne Primary Schools