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P1 Mrs C Woods

Welcome to our class page.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos and videos of everything that happens in school! 

Monday 22nd June

Boys and Girls, we have reached the final week in Primary 1.  Your mums and dads have been teaching you for more than a term now and I'm sure they are ready for a break.  You will have to give them a big hug and thank them for all their hard work and support they have given you over the past few months, I'm sure it wasn't easy at times.

Joanne, Sharon and myself would like to thank all our P1 parents for the lovely gifts we received last week.  It was very kind and thoughtful of you all and very much appreciated.  You have been the best class and we very much miss seeing you all.  I hope you have some special memories of your first year in Holy Cross, I have loved being your teacher heart 

We would be doing some very special things this week, like having a party.  So maybe you can have your own wee celebration at home to mark the end of great year in Holy Cross.  

Huge Congratulations to Marykate Sloan who won the farm safety poster competition with her entry for 'dangers from farm animals'.  Your poster was excellent Marykate smiley

There are some activities posted below for you to complete this week.  

Always keep an eye on our school's Facebook page and website to keep yourselves updated on what's happening. 

Have a lovely summer, stay safe and have fun!

C Woods

Monday 15th June

Morning boys and girls, I hope you all are well. I hope you all enjoyed our virtual sports day and have sent some pictures or videos to  Make sure to fill in your own sports day certificate and print off.  It's found under class pages with al the details of sports day.  

This week we will complete some activities themed 'Summer' as we are so close to finishing your first year in Primary school.  And you will be on your summer holidays.  Can you believe it?  

Take care and as always email me on if you have any questions and to show me all the things you get up to during the week.

C Woods

Timmy’s Mini Mega Beast 

Well done Timmy on more fantastic work this week.πŸ˜€ I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying the topic minibeasts.  I love your ladybirds too.  I wonder are they bad tempered like this week’s story? 
You have put a lot of work into your mini mega beast! 
Super work! ⭐️

  Monday 8th June

Morning boys and girls, 

Hope you are all keeping well.  This week is a very exciting week as we have our virtual sports day on Friday.  This will be your very first sports day so I'm sure you cant wait for it.  It will be a bit different as you won't be with all your friends but make sure to get all your family to join in.  All the information can be found on the class pages or follow this link 
Make sure to watch the skills videos and practice the skills each day to prepare for Friday.  I look forward to seeing all your photos and videos.  Please send these to 

Have a lovely week and have fun!

C Woods

Literacy Activities

This week we will be looking at the text 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird'.  Enjoy listening to the story and then complete the activities below.  You can complete the book review by drawing pictures and writing some words.  Remember to keep going over your High Frequency Words.  Go back to group 1 and see how many you can remember. 

🐞 Kids Book Read Aloud: THE BAD-TEMPERED LADYBIRD by Eric Carle | StoryTime with Miss Randall

  Numeracy Activities

The following activities can be completed throughout the week.  There are some activities involving money and as always it is very important for children to use real coins if possible.  Please only complete what you can and what you feel your child is capable of.

Some children can complete number activities up to 10 or if you feel they are able extend to 20.

Measuring activity - replace some of the items on the worksheet to measure with something you have in your home.  E.g. fireplace, bath, bicycle etc. 

Road Safety 2020


The Department for infrastructure have made contact with all schools this week to address Road Safety, which is an area we would be focusing on in school at present. They outline that whilst there have been less traffic on our roads (especially early on in the lockdown), many more people have been out walking, running and cycling.  Sadly, during this time, collisions on our roads have still been occurring with some resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.  This is likely to continue as lockdown further relaxes and we enter the summer months when children and young people have more time to be out and about. 


As a result of this throughout the month of June they have set a weekly task for parent/s to work alongside their child/children and focus on a road safety theme with the aim that both will learn and put into practise.  This week, the theme is cycle helmets and the aim is that parents and children will check and adjust the cycle helmet to ensure it does its job in the event of a fall or collision.  Too many children (and adults) are currently cycling either without a cycle helmet or with one that is not fit for purpose i.e. to protect the head.  Simple adjustments could be the difference between a slight injury becoming much more serious!  


Please read the document below and address Road safety with your children.


Every year in school, we take part in the farm safety competition, which usually involves a visit from one of the farm safety team bringing some clear messages about farm safety to our pupils, most of whom live on or frequently visit farms. 

This year the competition is taking on a somewhat different format. The letter below outlines full details. 

The poster competition is open to all pupils from P1-7. They have to create a poster based on the weekly theme. It can be done on A3 or A4 plain paper and is to be submitted by sending a photo or scanned copy to 


You must include a cover note with your child's name, school and your contact number. Please retain the hard copy as they will need it in the event your child's poster is selected as a winner. 

Look out for the weekly update on the theme which will be shared via our facebook page. 

I strongly encourage you to explore these themes each week to help keep our children safe while in and around working farms. 

Thank you 

Monday 1st June 

Morning boys and girls, I hope you are all continuing to keep well and are out enjoying the beautiful sunshine β˜€οΈ 

We will continue to work on our minibeast topic this week.  I will set a few activities for you to complete.  Please continue with some mental maths activities, such as: 

- count forwards and backwards from 0 to 10/20 or beyond

- find the number after/ before/ between a given number

Please continue to use the website Topmarks for maths games. 
Hope you all have a lovely week. 
You can contact me on if you have any questions or to show me what you have been getting up to πŸ˜€

Take care

C Woods


Minibeast pebble craft

Outdoor activity Cards

Things that make me happy

Minibeast Description cards

Create a Minibeast worksheet

Wednesday 27th May 

Good morning boys and girls.  I hope you enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend β˜€οΈ and got to do something nice with your family.  I received some lovely emails of all the work you have been doing during the week.  It is so lovely to see you all happy πŸ˜ƒ doing great school work but also learning lots of skills!  When I see your little faces and hear your voices I miss you all the more πŸ™

Have a go at some of the activities set below on the topic Minibeasts.  And as always boys and girls keep reviewing all your sounds from your sound grid, reading and writing some of your HFW’s, writing some simple sentences remembering all the rules and enjoy reading and listening to stories every night! 
Take care

C Woods 

Minibeast Sorting activity

Minibeasts and Their Habitats

Ladybird Art Activity

Funky Butterfly Colouring

Hugh’s Home Learning 

Happy Birthday Hugh πŸŽ‚ I love your John Deere tractor cake 🚜 Hope you had a great day with your family. 
I’m delighted to hear you’re doing some school work everyday and nice and early so you can spend the rest of the day outside having fun with your brothers and helping daddy in the garden. 

Keep up the great work and keep digging! 

Ollie’s Home Learning 

Another beautiful May Altar 😍.  Well done Ollie!  Great to see pictures of you so happy and I’m delighted to hear  you are doing some school work most days but also enjoying doing lots of fun things with your family πŸ˜€ 

Ayda’s Home learning 

Lovely to see you working hard on High Frequency words and sentence work Ayda ⭐️ And I see you have also been looking at time in Maths.  Keep up the great work πŸ˜€

Timmy’s home learning 

Some lovely photos of Timmy working hard and having fun.  I love your May Altar and your fantastic robot πŸ€– Keep up the super work πŸ˜€

Monday 18th May 

Morning boys and girls, hope you are all healthy and well!   I’m sure you have all worked your way through your home learning packs that were sent out in March.  It’s important to revisit material such as CVC worksheets, High Frequency Words and letter sounds.  Please always  check that we haven’t forgotten any.  You can also re-read the little books sent home.  Talk about title, blurb, the pictures in the story, any words you know from your HFW lists etc.  You may like to draw a character from your book and write some words to describe him/ her.  If you haven’t told me about the fun activities you have been doing with your family send me an email to  
Take care 

C Woods

Literacy Activities 


Can you read some words from the sentences below or even read the whole sentence?  Could you draw a picture about the sentence or choose some words and draw a picture with the word written below? 

Numeracy activities 

Home Learning Challenge

Numicon One More or One Less

Dinosaur One More and One Less

3D shape colouring

Timmy’s Home Learning 

I love receiving emails from you all telling me what you are up to and seeing all the super work you are doing.  I was so delighted to see your happy smile Timmy and all the wonderful Work you are doing as well as baking and riding your bike.  Keep it up ⭐️ We are missing you lots πŸ˜€


Emma’s Home Learning 

I heard you were in a fancy French restaurant Emma and using some of the French language.  Tres bien!  I also heard you found France on your globe 🌍 super work!  I love your May altar too, well done! It’s lovely to hear about all the great work you are doing with lots of fun and learning taking place! Keep up the great work ⭐️

Monday 11th May 

Hello boys and girls, hope you are all safe and well.  As we begin another week in the month of May, I want you all to think Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Had we been in school this month we would have a focus on May as the month we remember Mary, the mother of Jesus, who we also call ‘Our Lady’.  We would have set up a May altar in our classroom and each day we would have said the ‘Hail Mary’ and you all would have got a turn to share your special intentions with everyone.  If you haven’t already, perhaps you might make a May altar in your home and learn the Hail Mary prayer.  Please share some photos with me. 
Take care 

Mrs Woods 

I have added some activities on the very hungry caterpillar for you to complete.  You can download and print off some of the things he ate everyday and then sequence the story.  You could also try and write done if the words and perhaps write out the days of the week, remembering to use a capital letter for each day.  
Number hunt 
Grab your jotter/ notebook and pen and off you go around the house inside and out looking for numbers! You might find some on your door, clock, number plate, remote control, oven etc.   Have fun! 

Children’s Work 

I got sent some more lovely pictures of all your fantastic work this week!  Well done Joe on creating a great Caterpillar and a beautiful butterfly πŸ¦‹, you were very busy! And Ayda is working very hard at maths activities using Numicon.  Keep up the great work boys and girls πŸ˜€

Numeracy activities 

Topmarks is a website children are familiar with.  Click on the link below to take you to helicopter rescue.  Begin working on numbers between 1 to 10 and then complete up to 20/50 if you feel your child is capable.  Have fun! 

Monday 4th May 

Hello boys and girls, another week has passed and I’m missing you even more! Hope you and your families are all safe and well. 
Today would have been a half day in school as the Primary 7 children would have been making their Confirmation, a very special and important Sacrament.    
You are invited to join Father Cahill at 10.00am this morning as he celebrates Mass in a live stream.  He will be offering up special prayers for all Primary 7 boys and girls.  This can be found through the link below. 

I have added some activities for you to complete throughout the week.  Some reinforcement on HFW’s and sentence work.  Remember, you are only beginning to write simple sentences, so mums and dads, remember to give lots of encouragement and praise for their efforts! I have added some work on ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and a remember about our need for play everyday! Hopefully the sun β˜€οΈ will come out this week so we can have lots of fun learning outdoors! 
I will add a little number activity throughout the week.  
Take care and stay safe 

C Woods 

Can you read some of these Tricky words for mummy or daddy.  Can you use them orally in a sentence? I wonder can you use some of them to write a simple sentence.  It may be a dictated sentence from mum or dad or a sentence you have thought of.  

I can run fast. 
No ham on the mat. 
The man went to the van. 

Tricky Words

The very Hungry Caterpillar πŸ›

Click on the link below to listen to the wonderful story, The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Answer some of the questions below and discuss the story with mummy or daddy. 

What did the Caterpillar like to do?
Can you name any of the foods he ate?
Do you know what you call a caterpillars house?
What happened to the caterpillar?

Could you draw/ paint/ create a beautiful Butterfly πŸ¦‹

Our Wonderful Work πŸ˜€

Lovely to see your smiley happy face Ayda and your lovely work! You have sequenced the butterfly life cycle correctly, well done! 
Thank you for showing us your work! 
Stay safe

Thank you to Emma for sending me lovely pictures of what she has been getting up to.  She told me about going on nature walks, creating an Easter tree, clay printing and making homemade ice cream. πŸ˜‹  You are definitely keeping busy.  I know you are missing your friends and I’m sure they are missing you too Emma.  
Stay safe

Thank you for showing us your wonderful work! 

Monday 27th April 

Good morning boys and girls, hope you all are keeping well and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine last week.  Lots of our learning can take place outdoors so hopefully we will have more sun this week.  Below are some activities for you to do this week. 
Stay safe and have fun

Mrs Woods 

Alphabet Hunt

This is a lovely activity to ensure understanding of all sounds.  Boys and girls will have a little notebook and tape/ blu-tak.  They have to go on a hunt around the house/ garden and find items beginning with every letter in the alphabet.  When they find something beginning with that letter, they write it on a page and stick it on the item.  
E.g.  so the first letter is letter ‘a’.  They might find an apple, write the letter and stick it onto the Apple.  Then try to find something beginning with ‘b’.  Bin/ basket etc.  Some might be able to do this independently, others will need help.  When they have completed the hunt, they can take mum and dad around and show them everything they found.  Ask questions: 

which letter comes first in the alphabet? 
- can you sing the alphabet for me? 
- check the formation of their letter? Does it match? 

- do you know the sound and the name of this letter? 
- you have found washing line beginning with ‘w’, well done! Now can you think of something else? E.g window.  
Always give lots of praise for their efforts and try to extend their learning by challenging them.  Most importantly have fun whilst learning πŸ˜€

Take pics and send to me at

Watch this little video of the Life cycle of a Butterfly.  Then children can complete the worksheet below. If you don’t have access to a printer, children can draw and number the 4 stages on a sheet.  Talk about what happens at each stage.  

Morning boys and girls, hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families.  I’m sure you are all loving the sunshine and the opportunity to experience some outdoor play β˜€οΈ
I’m sure you are all working away on your home support packs.  There are lots of activities that can be repeated and revised so keep looking over your letter sound grid, high frequency words and letter formation booklets, as well as number formation etc.  
I will add some more exercises below if you wish to complete.  Please stay safe and have fun. 
Mrs Woods


Maths games to play with your family 

-  make your own shop at home.  It could be a toy shop, fruit & veg shop or whatever you think of.  Use real coins to pay for items.  Create labels/ prices for the goods.  Design and name your shop e.g. Atticall’s bits and bobs. 

- make number cards from 1-10/1-20 and hide them around the house.  Then you have to try and find them and put them in the right order.  

Happy Easter 🐣 

Ollie’s beautiful Easter tree 😍 Well done Ollie on creating a super Easter tree.  I hear you had great fun doing thisπŸ˜€.  And I’m delighted to hear you are working your way through the High Frequency Words list, great work!  Thank you for letting me see your wonderful work! 

Some more pictures of Marykate doing some work on her CVC words and creating a beautiful Easter card! Well done! Your card is so bright and colourful and will look beautiful displayed in your home.  I love it πŸ˜€ 

It might be a nice idea to send a card to some of your friends or even to nanny and granda, at this time.  Draw a little picture inside and write a simple message.  Everyone loves to receive something in the post! 
I love to see what you are all up to so don’t forget to send me some pictures to


Hello boys and girls, hope you are all staying safe and having fun.  I have added some websites and resources for you to have a look at this week coming up to Easter.  It might be nice to get creative and brighten up your homes with some of your wonderful work.

Have a lovely Easter and enjoy the yummy eggs 🐣 

Take care

Mrs Woods

Holy Week 
Grow in Love is the religion programme that is followed in Catholic schools.  They are allowing you to access the material that we use in class.  
The address is  

email address is:

Password is: grow in love 


These are excellent resources so please use, especially the resources related to Holy Week and Easter.  Holy Week is an extremely important week in the Catholic Church.  The children would have been covering this in class.  

Twinkl have a free trial at the minute.  It is a great resource and has so much good stuff that covers all areas of the curriculum.  Teachers use it all the time for resources.  The address is

Sign up with your email address and your own password.  The offer code to access free material is: CVDTWINKLHELPS


Easter Activities 

Lovely pictures of you Marykate working hard.  I see your writing some 4 letter words, well done! πŸ˜€
Hello Primary One boys and girls. Sharon here sending you best wishes and I hope you are all missing us from school and hope you are being as good at home as you are in school. I hope everyone is doing good work for all your mummy’s and daddy’s and I hope that you do lots of nice art this week for Holy Week, and enjoy your Easter Eggs on Sunday. Miss you all, stay safe and Happy Easter - Sharon 😘

Enjoying walking everyday with my dog Miley - Sharon πŸ˜€

Hi boys and girls, Joanne here.  Just a wee message to say hello and I hope everyone is ok and loving spending time at home with family and most of all playing and having fun.  I saw the lovely pictures of you Timmy working hard, well done.

I am missing all my P.1's loads and can't wait to see you all again soon.

Joanne x

Number Activities

Here are a list of mental maths activities:


- count forwards from 1 within 10

-count forwards from different starting points, within 10

- count backwards from 10 to 1

- Read and write the numerals within 10

-know the number 'after', 'before' and 'between' within 10

-identify missing numbers in a sequence within 10

-touch count sets of objects within 10

-understand that 0 means none

- make a variety of sets for a given number 0-10

-match numerals to sets

-Recognise 1p,2p,5p and 10p

-Play shopping games using real coins



-compare and talk about the length/height of two objects

-compare and talk about the weight of two objects: by handling; using balance scales

-compare and talk about the capacity of two containers


Shape and Space

-make and describe models, patterns and pictures using a variety of materials

-sort 2D and 3D shapes for one criterion and talk about their sorting (e.g. by number of sides)

-continue simple patterns


All or most of these can be completed during 'Learning Trough Play' and not pen and paper exercises. 

Take a walk through the fields and collect some branches/sticks etc.  Lay them down and measure using language such as longest/shortest etc.

Form numbers using small stones in the back yard.

Paint rocks and create patterns

Set up a small water tray and have fun investigating capacity using lots of different bowls/jugs/bottles etc. 

Create models using lots of junk - Present your model to your family talking about all the different shapes.  Name the shapes and talk about the number of sides/corners etc. 

Set up a shop corner, write prices for your items.  Make signs for your shop.  Play with real coins.

Have Fun Learning smiley


Some websites you might like to visit


Hello, Primary One boys and girls!  Hope you are all keeping well and having lots of fun on your days off school.  It probably feels strange that you have been off for so long but if you keep washing your hands and stay in your homes, fingers crossed it won’t be for too long.  If you feel like doing some work in your ‘Homeschool pack’ that’s great but if you feel like you just want to play in the garden and enjoy some art activities that’s perfectly fine. As long as you are safe and happy πŸ˜ƒ  I will add some websites for you to browse and activities for you to do if you become a little bored over the coming weeks.  It would be great for me and your friends to see you all, so if you feel like sending me some pictures of your activities and adventures you can do so by emailing and I’ll post them for you all to see.πŸ‘«

Take care

Mrs Woods 

Great to see you working hard Timmy πŸ˜€

Super ordering of your numbers ⭐️

Warrenpoint Feis success

More success at Warrenpoint feis!  Congratulations to these two stars for coming 2nd and 3rd in the speech and drama section at the feis, reciting ‘Hello’s a handy word’.  So proud of you boys ⭐️⭐️
A huge well done to these little ladies on their success at Warrenpoint speech and drama feis!  A huge achievement for their very first feis ⭐️

People Who Help Us

The Bus Driver

On Tuesday we had a visit from Mark the bus driver.  Mark took the double decker bus to our school and let us have a look around.  We were so excited to see it arriving.  Some of us had never been on a double decker bus before.  We went up the top deck and looked out the window.  We were so high up.  He showed us the stop button that you need to press if it’s coming close to where you want to get off. The button makes a ting sound and alerts the bus driver to stop.  He showed us the cameras on the bus to watch people getting on and one on the top deck so people can check on the monitor below if there’s any seats left without having to go upstairs.  Mark told us about his job and how he loves being a bus driver.   

Our trip to Kilkeel Library

On Thursday we went to Kilkeel Library for a visit.  Roisin welcomed us to the library and showed us the area of the library that was suitable for our age range.  She told us about how we can all become a member of the library and how it is completely free to join.  We can borrow up to 9 books each time we visit and we can go to the library for some rhyme time on a Saturday morning.  She read us some lovely stories and then we coloured in the character Elmer from one of the books we read.  It was such a lovely morning. 

                  People Who Help Us

Health Promotion Officer

On Wednesday we had a visit from Kerry from Surestart.  Kerry is a Health Promotion Officer and she came to our class to tell us all about her job.  She told us how she helps children aged 0 to 4 years old and how she helps parents by giving advice and guidance on how to keep healthy.  She took George the dinosaur with her and we all had to help him brush his teeth as he had been eating sweets that morning.  She gave us all a toothbrush and a little leaflet on how to look after our teeth properly.  We then had the chance to ask Kerry any questions that we had.  Thank you Kerry, we think you are brilliant at your job.

Snow day at school 

On Tuesday morning there was great excitement at the snow fell heavily in the school playground.  There were lots of walks to the window and a few squeals as they watched the yard fill with snow.  We opened the side door and let the children have a little feel of the snow as it fell.  They loved it! 

Our visit to the Post Office

On Monday we walked down to the Post Office to post our Valentines cards.  We had written our address on the envelopes and had decorated lovely cards for our mummy’s and daddy’s.  We decided before we went to the Post Office that we should get 2nd class stamps because they are cheaper and there was lots of time for them to arrive before Friday.  We all went up to the counter and asked the lady for a 2nd class stamp.  She stuck it on the right hand side top corner and then we all went outside to post them into the Post box.  We are so excited for them to arrive to our homes.  Our mummy’s and daddy’s will be so surprised to receive a card from us. 

People Who Help Us

Neil the Postman 

On Friday we had a visit from Neil the Postman.  He gave up his free time to come into our class and tell us all about his job.  He took with him his uniform.  He showed us his rain jacket, his fleece, his special sun hat, and special Michelin boots that he has to wear in winter weather.  They have they same grips as tyres.  All of these items have the Royal Mail symbol on them.  He showed us the big bunches of keys that open the post boxes.  The keys are really huge.  He talked about how he loves his job and we asked him lots of questions.  Thank you so much Neil.  



We’re wearing Odd socks for Anti-Bullying Week 



Anti-Bullying Week

This week for Anti-Bullying week we completed an activity titled ‘Friendly Fred’. The children were introduced to Fred.  I explained to the children that Fred had been invited to our class to learn how to be friendly to everyone.    We talked about what friendly meant and discussed how to be friendly to everyone.  The children then listened to a story about a Fred, about how he has been friendly to his friend Finn but not friendly to everyone else.  We then passed Fred around the circle and everyone got to tell him how to be friendly.  The children then drew a picture of Fred being friendlier to everyone.  We then named him ‘Friendly Fred’.  



Maths Week 


This week was Maths week so we enjoyed playing lots of Numeracy games as well as going on an outdoor Maths Trail.  On the Maths Trail we worked in teams to complete the challenges on our cards.  We had to make circles using stones, a square using twigs, we had to find 8 leaves and lots of other mathematical tasks.  It was great fun.  On Friday the Primary 5 children came over to our class to play maths games they had been making for us all week.  They explained to us how to play the games and then we started.  We really enjoyed talking to and playing with the older children.  They brought us treats too! 



Maths games with Primary 5



Outdoor Maths Trail

Problem Solving

Patterns and Relationships

Goldilocks goes fishing

In Numeracy this week we worked on a ‘Patterns and Relationships’ Problem solving activity titled Goldilocks goes fishing.  Goldilocks had to share the 10 fish that she caught, in different ways with the 3 bears.  We used the character cut outs that we painted during our Narrative work in Literacy to help with our understanding.  Daddy bear sat in a big chair, mummy bear sat in a middle sized chair and baby bear sat in a little chair.  We recorded our findings on the whiteboard and then had to explore further in groups.  

World Mental Health Day

On Thursday 10th October we celebrated World Mental Health Day by wearing purple to school.  We made a little emotions face, where you turn the circle to show different emotions.  We talked about times when we felt these emotions and used facial expressions as well to show how we feel at certain times.  We discussed all the people we could talk to in our school if we have something on our mind.  We enjoyed some meditation too.

Our Listening Walk


In Literacy this week we were doing some sound discrimination activities focusing on environmental sounds.  We went on a Listening walk around the school wearing our ‘Big Ears’ so we could hear everything.  We were developing our Listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment.  When we came back to the classroom we talked about and illustrated the sounds we heard outside.  We then compared them to sounds we hear inside.  


Poetry Week

As today 3rd October was National Poetry Day we celebrated this by each class learning and performing a chosen poem to share with the rest of the school.  Primary 1’s poem was titled ‘Back to school’.  We worked hard to learn all the words and I’m sure you’ll agree, the boys and girls were just brilliant! They’re all little stars ⭐️ well done! 


Still image for this video


2D Shape 




We have been doing lots of work on patterns over the past few weeks.  We have been copying patterns, continuing patterns and even creating patterns.  We have used unifix, counters, games on the interactive board, sweets and even ourselves to make patterns.  We made the pattern boy, girl, boy, girl etc. using everyone in our class. 



Learning All About Number 2 



European Day of Languages 

We celebrated European Day of Languages on Thursday 26th September.  We chose to celebrate Spain.  We dressed up in Spanish clothes or in colours red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag.  We sampled lots of Spanish food, brought in by the children and tasted some ‘sangria’.  We learned how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in Spanish, danced some flamenco dance and played music with castanets and maracas.  We had so much fun!  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



The Wheels on the bus 


Still image for this video



Roald Dahl day Friday 13th September 

All about zero 



5 Little Speckled Frogs


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our Thumbprint Autumn Trees 

Shapes all around us

Our Shape Walk

Our first day in Primary 1