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P1 & P2 Miss Cunningham

Welcome to the Primary 1 and Primary 2 class page! 

Check out our page each week to see the wonderful things happening in our class each week!

Fun on the Chromebooks

We have been working on the Chromebooks to help us develop our Literacy skills. Primary 1 played an auditory memory game where they had to listen to the different enviromental sounds and then click on the corrrect picture. Primary 2 played a game where they had to listen to the word and identify the missing letter. 

Annie Apple

Primary 1 learnt about Annie Apple and the letter a. They played a game where they had to listen to the letter sound and find the correct letter. This was great fun! 

King One

Primary one learnt about number 1 this week. They met King One in Tentown and practise drawing him using the IWB game! 

Alien Reading 


Primary 2 have been practising reading CVC words to develop fluency in their reading. We played a game on the IWB where we had to read and sort 'real' and 'alien' words and feed them to the correct alien. 

On Friday we went on our sponsored walk in Mourne Park. This was in aid of 'Mourne Community Frist Responders'. We had a lovely time and enjoys listening to the leaves rustle and birds chirp!


Have a look what we got up to this week in play!

European Day of Languages

On Tuesday 26th September, we celebrated European Day of Languages. We learnt how to say ‘hello’ in Irish, Spanish, Irish and Italian. We learnt about the different types of music and dances in each of these counties and we even got to join in with the dancing too. Finally, we got to taste some of the foods from different countries. This was good fun.

Triangles and Rectangles

Today we sorted triangles and rectangles using sorting circles. We had to cooperate, share and take turns in our groups.



Mr Triangle plays a trick


Today we listened to a story called 'Mr Triangle'. In the story Mr Triangle plays a trick on his friend square by pretending to be a snake to try and scare him. We then discovered Mr Triangle and his friends had played a trick on us too and had hid all around the playground. We had to go and find them. When we found them all we came back to the classroom and used playdough and matchsticks to try and make the triangle shape! 

Disco Dough!

We have been using playdough to help us build strong fine motor skills. We each get a tub of playdough. Music is played and we have to follow the actions, using our dough. We have to roll it, pinch it, squeeze it and much more!

Numicon Pictures

This week we were given black and white outlines of pictures. There were boats, butterflies, rockets and fish to name a few. We had to work with our partner to try and problem solve which Numicon shapes would fit into each outline. We had to think carefully about the size of the Numicon and what the shape looked like. Sometimes, we even had to flip the shape round to make it fit.

Numicon Towers

Today we had to pick Numicon shapes out of a basket. We had to look carefully at the shape. We then had to use Numicon pegs to try and recreate the same shape on the base board. When we were finished we could check our answers by placing the Numicon shapes on top. We also make Numicon towers using pegs.

We are all unique!

In World Around Us this week, we read a story called ‘We are all different but we are all the same’. We then played a game where someone in the class was picked to hide behind a screen. Miss Cunningham then described this person by talking about their looks and their personality and everyone had to guess who was hiding.    


Have a look at what we got up to in play this week! 


Today we learnt about pictograms. We linked our pictograms to our WAU topic 'All about me'. We made one pictogram as a class display on our favourite fruit. We made another pictogram on Just2easy to show the hair colours in our class. 

Sorting Fun

We have been learning how to sort objects for 1 criterion. We practised using lots of different objects. We have also been challenged to resort object for another way!

Number Bond Towers

This week Primary 2 have been practising their number bonds by making number towers uing different coloured cubes. 

One,two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive!

This week we have been working on the nursery rhyme 'Once I caught a fish alive'. We even added actions. This nursery rhyme is great because it helps us practise counting to 10 as well! We then made some fish art for a display. This helped us develop our fine motor skills as we had to pick up small pieces of tissue paper and glue them on our fish! Well done everyone! 

Numicon Pictures

This week Primary 1 started to learn about Numicon. They used Numicon to cover the baseboards and create Numicon Pictures! 

Kandinsky Circle Art 

This week we were learning about circles. We discovered an artist called Kandinsky used circles and rings to make beautiful pieces of artwork. We decided to use this to inspire our artwork. We made circle tree art!

Fun in Play


We had great fun getting to know eachother during play this week! Look at all the smiley faces! smiley

Patricia Parrot

Patricia Parrot has come from Belfast Zoo! She is staying with us until they fix the bird houses at the Zoo. This week she helped us learn the importance of being kind.

Number Fun 

Primary 2 have been working hard to revise numbers this week! 

Listening Ears

Primary 1 had great fun on their listening walk this week. We went for a walk around the school, listening carefully to see what we could hear. We heard coughing, sneezing, giggling, cars, tractors, birds, wind, leaves and gates. We really enjoyed this and it helped us with our auditory discrimination! 

Our First Day