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Class Teacher: Miss Cunningham

Teaching Assistant: Sharon Grant/ Chloe Annette

Mother’s Day


Have a look at our beautiful Mother’s Day cards.

St.Patrick’s Day

We made shamrock cards using tissue paper to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day.

Green Day

Today we wore green clothes to school to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Maths on the Chromebooks

This week P1 practised their number to 10 skills using Mathletics. 

P2 used Hit the Button to practise quick recall of their doubles to 20. 

World Book Day 

This year for World Book Day we celebrated through a special homework where we had to make something linked to our favourite book. The children made some absolutely fantastic things from sock puppets to paper plate books, we had it all. They put in so much effort and Miss Cunningham was so proud of them all. 

We also got a chance to carry out D.E.A.R Time ( Drop Everything And Read Time). Miss Cunningham would shout 'D.E.A.R Time' and everyone had to stop what they were doing and go read a book. 

After Lunch, we were very lucky to have the P5 boys and girls in our class to read a story to us. We loved this and enjoyed talking about our favourite parts with them. Thank you Primary 5.  

Human Bee-Bots

We had some wonderful cross curricular learning this week where we carried out PE, ICT and Numeracy all at the same time. We learnt how to follow Bee Bot directions using the language forwards, backwards, left turn, right turn, half turn, whole turn.

Busy with Bee-Bots 


Today we explored using the Bee-Bots to move in different directions and navigate around a grid. We used the Bee-Bots and we played a Bee-Bot game on the tablets too.

Dough Balls

The children made dough balls and then worked in pairs to find out whose ball is heavier – or whether they weigh about the same.  The children continue the activity, making new dough balls and weighing them. They then tried to make two balls the same weight.


We're going on an animal hunt...


This week the NI Science Festival was held and we got a chance to take part in an Animal Hunt via Zoom. We sang songs and learnt lots about different animals, including Terry the Snake, Rosie the Tarantula and Gwen the Gecko. We learnt lots of fascinating facts about these animals too. 

Did you know that frogs breath through their skin? Did you know that snakes smell through their tounge? 

Polar Bear Paws

We have been learning about surface area. Today we discovered that a polar bear has a paw the same area as a 30cm dinner plate. We then used our own 30cm paws to compare and contrast the area of things around our classroom in relation to the size of a polar bear's paw. We first found things with a smaller surface area. Next we found things with a larger surface area. Finally we found 3 objects with different surface areas and we ordered them from smallest to largest. We loved the practical hands on aspect to this lesson. 

Happy Valentine's Day from Primary 1 and Primary 2

 Doubles and Near Doubles

P2 worked on learning doubles and using these to help them calculate near doubles. We used foam tens frames and we practically partitioned one of the doubles and transferred it to make a ten. We then could easily calcuate the answer. For example,  for 8+8 we partitioned one 8 into a 6 and 2. We then added the 2 with the first 8 to make 10. We could then easily see that 10 +6 is 16.

Toys around the World

Today we read a book on 'Epic!' called Toys around the World. In this book we learnt about toys such as Galimotos from Africa, Munecas de Trapos from Mexico, Diabolos from China, Marionettes from Italy and Lego from Denmark.

We then used Google Earth on the IWB to explore all the different places the toys came from. This was great fun because Google Earth was interactive and we could move the Earth around in circles, and then zoom in and out using our fingers. 

Nina Nine


In Numeracy, P1 learnt about Nina Nine. Nina Nine is a builder who is in charge of all construction in Ten Town. She has has nine wheelbarrows, nine diggers and nine tools which she keeps in her toolbox. We used different objects and couted out sets upto nine, placing them ontop of Nina Nine’s tools.

St. Bridget's Day


Today we used our 'Partitioning Wands' to help us break numbers into 2 groups. P1 partitioned number 4 in different ways. P2 partitioned number 7 in different ways. 

Wonderful Word Writing

P1 have been working hard in Literacy! They have even been using Elkonin Boxes to help them spell CVC words! Great work P1! Keep it up! 

Grandparents' Day 

On Wednesday we celebrated Grandparents' Day as part of Catholic Schools Week. We talked about our Grandparents and shared all the things that make our Grandparents special to us. We created some artwork to give to them as a token of our appreciation for them.

Money to 20p

This week P2 learnt about how to make amounts up to 20p. We played the BOOM game so segment numbers into tens and units. We then used a 10p and added other coins to make the given amount. 

Addition using Numicon

This week P1 worked on addition using Numicon. They even recorded their answers! Well done P1


In P2, we learnt about doubles. We read the story ‘Double the Ducks’ and then we played dominos to match the doubles. We also played a special game of Numicon Dominos.

Tree Diagrams

This week we learnt about Tree Diagrams. We used 3D shapes and practically sorted the 3D shapes using a  large tree diagram template.

Toy Friday

Today we got the change to bring a toy into school to show our friends. We had a fantastic day. Miss Cunningham was so proud of us for taking turns and sharing. There were some fantastic toys. 

Number 6

This week we introduced number 6. We build some 6 towers. We had to use as many different colours as possible. We also used tweezers to put button in each hole of the 6 Numicon shape. 

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Tonight, we preformed our Christmas Play. The boys and girls were amazing. We were all so proud of them. Well done to everyone! 



We have been learning about length! We used handspans and feet to measure different things around the classroom. We then compared the measurements and discussed the different measurements we found. 

Decorating for Christmas

Number Party 

Primary 1 have been working on sequencing numbers to 5. They got to take turns to wear the number party hats and arrange themselves into the correct order. Afterwards, Miss Cunningham called some questions and the person wearing the answer had to sit down. For example, Miss Cunningham would say 'Can the number after 3 please sit down'. 

Coin Combinations

Today we have been learning about money. We used 1p,2p,5p and 10p coins to make amounts up to 10p. We pretended to go to a toy shop to buy toys. We had to place the correct number of coins out to pay for each item. We explored how our friends made each about and discovered that we could use different coin combinations to make the same amount of money. 

Symmetry Art 

Our writing focus this term is procedural texts. This week we wrote our own procedural text. To help us write the instructions, we started by making it. We each got to make our own painted symmetry picture. We followed these instruction. 

1. First get out the paint, paintbrush and paper. 

2. Next carefully fold the paper in half and open back up. 

3. Then use the paintbrush to place blobs of paint on one side of the paper. 

4. After that use other paintbrushes to place different colours of paint on the paper. 

5. Then fold over the paper and use your fingers to spread the paint. 

6. Finally, open up the paper to reveal the picture. 


Today Daire made a fantastic creation at play. He created a tractor with a front end loader. Fantastic work Daire! 

Numbers to 5

We have been working hard in P1. We have been sequencing numbers to 5 on a blank number line. We also were learning about the number after. Miss Cunningham called out a number and we had to hold up the number after.

Freddy Frog

Today we P2 have been learning to add 2. Freddy the Frog helped us by showing us how to jump 2 more on the number track. We got to wear the Freddy Frog puppet and jump on the track ourselves. This was super fun.

Piggy Banks

Today we played a super fun game on the IWB to help us learn about money. We had to add the 1p,2p and 5p coins to find the total amount of money in the piggy bank.

Money, Money, Money

This week we have been learning about money. We each got a chance to visit out class fruit and veg shop to buy something. We explored all the different coin combination we could use to pay for items that cost up to 5p. P1 focused on using 1p coins whilst P2 tied to use at least 2 different coins to pay for their items.


This week we have been exploring length. We measured things around the classroom using different non-standard units. We used clips, pencils, rulers and sticks to measure different things. We worked in teams and took turns to measure, count and record our measurements.

We are different, We are special!


Today we  marked the start of anti-bullying week by celebrating our uniqueness by wearing odd socks to school. 

Woolly Hat Day

Well done to all the P1 and P2 boys and girls who wore their hats to support Woolly Hat Day 2022 for Mourne Stimulus Day Centre


Show me

Today we played a number game with the foam tens frames. Miss Cunningham called out a number between 0 and 5. We had to put the  correct number of foam counters into the tens frame to make the number.



Today we explored the 1p, 2p and 5p coin. We discussed what we could see on each coin, the colour, the size and the shape. We sorted the shapes by size, by colour and by amount.

Spooky Fun

This week we were preparing for Halloween and we decided to do some spooky Halloween Art. We used pompom balls to dab around a ghost template with paint. Afterwards, we added glitter and a pipe cleaner so we could hang our artwork up.



Well done to everyone who carved a pumpkin. They were all fantastic and P1 and 2 had a great time looking at all the cool creations.



This week we used the Chromebooks to make some patterns on Just2easy. P1 made 2 step patterns and P2 tried some 3 step patterns.

Afterwards, we saved our work. Miss Cunningham was able to put our work on the IWB and we each got a turn to get up and talk about the pattern we made.

Practical Numeracy 

In Numeracy, P1 met Fiona Five. They completed a spooky Halloween game where they had to give the pumpkin the correct number of cubes and the witch the correct Numicon shape. This helped us to become familiar with Numbers to 5. We practised writing Numerals to 5 and counting objects to 5.

P2 worked on Number 10. They were provided with 10 buttons for Tia Ten’s chef coat. They explored arranging the buttons in different ways on Tia’s coat and recorded the related number sums using the + and = sign.  

Math's Week

This week was Math’s week and we were very lucky. P5 worked extremely hard and created maths games for us to play. They were all FANTASTIC! Well done P5! We had great fun playing your games. Thank you!

Fun in Play

Fantastic Fun on the Chromebooks

This week we got a chance to explore using the Chromebooks for the first time. We all got logged on. We then played some games on Mathletics. P1 played a matching game, a sorting game and a pattern game. P2 played a range of different pattern games. We got to put on our headphones so that we could listen carefully to the question. We had fantastic fun and can't wait to have another go next week. 

PE with Mr Hardy

Fruppet Fun

This week we have been using the iPad to express our ideas. We made some Fruppets! 

Maths Week 

This week was maths week. To celebrate we had something a little different for our maths homework. This week we had to complete maths challenges using things around out house. We worked really hard and Miss Cunningham was delighted to receive pictures of our fantastic work. 


In WAU we have been learning about pigs. We discovered lots of facts about pigs. We then got to draw our own pigs. We then used an app to make our drawings come to life. We could even feed our pigs lots of food.  Click on the link below to see the videos we made. 

Still image for this video

Number Time

This week P1 learnt about number 2 and P2 learnt about number 7. We played games and used Numicon to help us learn. One fun game we played on the computer let us make smoothies by counting out the correct number of fruit. 

Talking Tess

This week the P1 boys and girls have been learning about the letter T. They met Talking Tess. They then made some telephone towers for walking Tess. The taller the tower the more phone calls she could make. The P1 boys and girls made super tall towers. Great work everyone! 

Fantastic fun with Fitness Freddie


Today we had Fitness Freddie in school. P1, P2 and P3 all went out into the yard. We danced, bopped, and boogied to Fitness Freddie’s Fantastic music. We sang while we danced too! We had great fun and even the teachers joined! Well done to everyone for taking part today!


Still image for this video

Silly Sorting

5 Little Ducks


Still image for this video

Sammy Snake Hunt!

We found Sammy Snake all around the school! 

 Number Bonds to 5

Disco Dough!!

Fill the Baseboard! 

Numicon Pictures

Recognising Numicon Shapes and Patterns

Roald Dahl Day

Guess the Instrument

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive...

Listening Walk 

Today we went for a walk around the school to see what we could hear.



5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day

Revising sounds in P2

Numbers to 5 

Play P2

Play P1

Old Mac Donald had a farm