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This week we have been working on tally charts. We collected information from the class before working in small groups.

WAU topic Space

Working on our researching skills.

Our rocket pictures made using 2D shapes

Learning how to use the weighing scales to compare the weights of different objects and record the results.

P4C (Philosophy for children). The children are learning how to form and share their opinions with their peers.

Maths Carousel Activities

Our Song for Saint Patrick

Still image for this video

Here we are preparing for our Performance 😊

St Patrick’s Day art- using pasta, painted green to make jewellery and headbands.

We had a great day on Green Day. We starting by writing our own song and then we had a dance while watching the Chicago river being dyed green.

Read On in the classroom

Introduction to tens and units- practical work - P3

Problem Solving. We were learning how to divide (share) out cherries on our cakes. Out task was to find all possibilities if each cake was divided into quarters. Here we are working in groups, with partners and then individually.

Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Internet Safety Day - 6th February. We watched videos about how to keep safe and created a jigsaw puzzle to create awareness.

For Art this week we all made our chosen animal face from paper plates. Aren’t they fabulous!!!

Our veterinary surgery opened up this week. The vets were busy X-raying and bandaging the sick and injured animals.

After all our work on alphabetical order, it was time to try out the dictionaries. We linked our search to our WAU topic and tried to find animals that began with a, b, c, d and e.

Here we are putting ourselves in alphabetical order.

This week we have begun working on Word Problems. We try to visualise the answer and then work it out.

P2s were working together on alphabet activities using capital and lower case letters

Windows all ready for Winter ❄️

We had a great problem solving session this week. We had to pretend we were the milkman (or lady!) and had to figure out different ways to deliver our milk bottle to different numbers of houses.

It is officially Winter time ☃️❄️

Have a look at some of the work we completed during Anti-Bullying Week

This week we are working on Instructional texts and we began by looking for bossy verbs. Here we are brainstorming together.

Beginning work on our Christmas from the Past olden style winter decorations.

Odd Sock Day in aid of Anti-Bullying Charities

We had a great day on Friday doing all sorts of activities. Hallowe’en PE was a blast. We took part in the ‘eye ball and spoon race’. We went on a ghost hunt. Have a look!👻

Spooky 🎃

Here we are making our Halloween masks for the parade on Friday. 🎃 👻

Scary skeletons. Can you find yours?

Have a look at some of the riddles we created for our Young Writers competition. Can you solve them?😊

We went out to the play ground to hunt for hidden treasure. We searched and searched. It is hard work being a pirate!

Can you spot Captain Blackbeard?

Working together on our high frequency words and CVC words

Pirate ships and Treasure maps

Creative play using natural materials. We tried to create desert island scenes for Captain Blackbeard.

Have a look at our lovely Pirates

This week we have been busy preparing art work for out Autumn displays

European Day of Languages