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Welcome to our P.3 Class Page.

We hope that you enjoy looking at

all our photographs and videos

of our school activities throughout the year.

In WAU we had our own version of the Jewish celebration Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We had the opportunity to eat some of the food the Jewish people eat on this occasion.  We had some apples dipped in honey, pomegranates, the special bread called Challah and honey biscuits. We had a lot of fun tasting these new foods and there are some we would really like to try again. We have also  learned that the Jewish people call their church a synagogue.

In Numeracy we have been working on Place Value. We have been building up numbers using our cubes, and describing them as Tens and Units, stating what the whole number is, and then trying to write that number in words. We were keen to reinforce this concept through our ICT work.

In ICT had great fun exploring the "paint" option, in the "Just2Easy" App.

We had a lovely end to the week, when the whole school took part in our Annual Sponsored Walk, in aid of the Mourne First Responders.  Once again, this year our walk took place in Mourne Park. It was a beautiful setting for the event and each and every one who took part really had an extremely enjoyable experience. We used our ears to listen to the sounds of the birds, animals and the river. We used our eyes to see the beautiful colours of the Autumn leaves. We had great fun, trying to catch some leaves as they fell to the ground. We also collected some that had already fallen off

Congratulations to Arianna, Georgia and Lillie-Mae, on recieving their Bronze Certificate in Mathletics. The girls worked extremely hard in order to win their 1000 points. 

Comhghairdeas Shenna agus Cocca!! 

The girls were awarded their certificates for their use of the Irish language during their weekly lesson with Alice. 

Noel Lyons the Waste Promotions Officer with the Council visited our class this week. He reminded us about what type of rubbish goes into each bin. He showed us some items that were made from recycled materials, soft toys, drinks bottles, reusable folding straw. He helped us to create some plant pots from newspaper. We filled them from compost that was made from the waste that is found in our brown bins, and we sprinkled some cress seeds on top. We sat them on the windowsill and we are going to look after them and hopefully the cress will grow by next week.

We had our first ICT session of the year. We all had the chance to log on to our Chrome Books using our individual usernames and passwords. We signed into the “Mathletics” site and worked on the tasks that our teacher had set for us. We have been set a target of trying to achieve 1000 points per week, that way we can earn a certificate and can also explore the land of “Meritopia,” where we must remove 60 clouds, activate 6 beacons twice and free all 60 inhabitants to complete each area and unlock a map..

In Numeracy we have been exploring the 30 Array. We discovered that there are a lot of patterns to be found on this Array. However, “Sammy Snake” slipped into our class and he loves to cover up numbers, so we had to try to identify the numbers he had covered up by using our knowledge of the patterns. We created our own snakes, so we could reinforce this concept with our friends.

We explored some 2D shapes this week. We recalled the properties of the common shape such as, square, rectangle, circle, and triangle.  We went hunting for these shapes in our classroom. We then had the opportunity to find out about the pentagon, the hexagon and even the octagon. We had the opportunity to create some pictures using as many of these shapes of different sizes as possible.

Look at all these happy faces, glad to be back at school.

In Phonics we have been reinforcing all our letter sounds and practising how to blend these sounds when we are reading, but also how to segment sounds when we are spelling. We really enjoyed our game of “Pairs" on the IWB where we had to match the action to the letter. 

In PE, we played with the Rainbow Parachute! We had to cooperate and work together as a group to try to make the biggest “mushroom” we could. We made “waves” sometimes very stormy, and at other times, very calm and peaceful. Using a ball we tried, unsuccessfully, to get it into the middle of the parachute, and stay for the count of 3. We are going to have to try to do this again.

As the sun shone, we took advantage of our outside playing area. Here we remembered to take turns, wait our turn and to share. We had great fun together playing in the different zones, in the mud kitchen, water tray, water wall, construction, house, sand, and painting areas.

In Numeracy we revised our numbers 1 – 20, counting forwards and backwards in ones starting from different numbers. We focused on “the number before” and had great fun playing “Bingo!”