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22nd June 

My goodness P.5, I cannot believe that this is the final week of school. It is 13 weeks since I have seen you all and I have really missed you all. This week would have been a week of celebration for us at school and I will miss not having that with you so much. It has been a pleasure and a privilege being your teacher, in such a unique time. Congratulations to you all, adopting so well to the Home Learning Experience. We will of course see each other again at the start of the New School Year and I look forward to that. The important thing is to stay safe and keep well.


I loved seeing you all participate in Our Virtual Sports Day. You seemed to be having lots of fun. A great big “Thank You!” to Miss Cunningham for putting together all your photos and videos, it was brilliant!


As I received so many messages telling me how much you enjoyed the "Space Work Choice Grid," I created a Summer themed one for you to complete with your family, I hope you enjoy it. I have also created a “My Favourite!” Grid.for you to complete. Some Summer Art Activities, a few word searches and crosswords  that you might like to complete over the Summer Break, have been posted for a final time in Google Classroom.


You have unlimited access to Mathletics over the Summer Break and your new password has been sent out in your End of School Year Report.


Remember! You still have access to Purple Mash and NewsDesk if you want something to do over the holidays.


As always

Stay Safe & Keep Healthy

Mrs Norris


15th June

Hello Girls & Boys, I hope you all had great fun taking part in Our Virtual Sports Day. I am so looking forward to seeing all your photos and videos. Remember to print off your Certificate of Participation. Keep sending me your messages and pictures, I love getting them, because I miss you all so much!

It is Father's Day next Sunday, so I have posted some ideas for homemade cards and gifts for you to create on Google Classroom. Please send me pictures of your creations, if you can..

Literacy, Numeracy & Spelling Homework

As usual, spelling lists have been posted on Google Classroom. Print them off and complete each day's activities along with your usual Literacy & Numeracy Homework Activities.



Please remember to keep up Nessy practice at home.

WAU / NewsDesk

Today NewsDesk 

is all about "Space getting Busier!" There is a video for you to watch about the real story of Apollo 11; the first manned mission to the Moon. Another one telling us what astronauts eat in space? You will find out about Laika the dog that was sent into space in 1957, and see Tim Peake answer children's questions about life in space. You have the opportunity to learn how to draw an astronaut and take part in a "Space Quiz!" along with many other activities. Of course you are always welcome to post a comment.


Using BBC Bite size this week you are asked what makes a fact different from an opinion and how can you tell the difference? You can also find out what an author does when they are planning and writing a story 



This week using Purple Mash the 2Do Tasks set for you are to help you revise your times tables and then test yourself with the multiplication tables check, Recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones), in "Funky Platform" you use the calculation platforms to reach the target number and explore multiples of 4 and 8.


The answer to the "Crossing Space" problem has been posted for you on Google Classroom There is also another one "Birthday Presents,"for you to try to solve. Remember to try to explain as best as possible how you worked out your answer.

ICT - Purple Mash

In Purple Mash this week, In "Dream Time Drawing" you complete the missing shapes in the ancient aboriginal designs, using the "rpt" command to draw regular polygons.

In "Get in Gear," you must repair the steam engine by putting the gears in the correct places, use "pu", "pd" and learn about procedures and how to use them.

In "Rocket Research," you must repair the space-rocket by completing the engines and warpcores, create your own procedures and use them in your code.

Grow in Love

This week, The Mass Theme continues, when "We Remember and Give Thanks." We are reminded that Mass is a sacrifice, we remember the times we say "Thanks" to people we know and "Thanks" to Jesus.






As always please Keep Healthy and Stay Safe!

Mrs Norris

Take time to read Emily’s poem, “Our Solar System.”

8th June

Hello Boys and Girls. Thank you for all your messages, pictures and poems last week, I really enjoyed receiving them all. Now we are at the start of another week and have Our Virtual Sports Day to look forward to. You have all week to practice the skills for the running race, welly boot throw, egg and spoon race, balancing book challenge, the throw and clap challenge, the toe tap challenge and the long jump. You'll have great fun  creating and completing your own obstacle course.  Then on Friday, record your videos and times and send them to Miss Cunningham. I am really looking forward to seeing them all, and to seeing you! Have Fun! 


Literacy & Spelling

As usual, this week's spelling lists have been posted to you using Google Classroom. Print them off and complete each day's activities along with your Literacy and Numeracy Homework Activities.


Most of this week's Literacy Activities have been set up as 2Do Tasks using Purple Mash. They include writing a book review on "The Serpents of Nebula." Remember to keep it short, it is a summary and you will not need to include all the details. Throughout the week there are also activities where you are to put a selection of verbs in the correct place, find the missing word to complete the passage and distinguish between the use of "s" in plurals and possession.

Using BBC Bite Size  I need you to be a reading detective, and "read between the lines," to find out what is happening, using the Challenge Cards and reading "Tiddalik the Frog." 



Please remember to keep up Nessy Practice at home.



Using NewsDesk  I would like you to scroll down through the News Bank page to find out about one of our planet's most incredible sights "The Northern Lights." Complete some of the suggested activities and of course post a comment.


James'Space Word Search has also been posted for you on Google Classroom. Print it off and have fun completing it.



Numeracy Activities this week have also been set up as 2Do Tasks using Purple Mash.   where you are to compare numbers up to 10 000, Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000. You are also to find the area of shapes and name 3D shapes.


ICT - Purple Mash 

In Purple Mash this week  you will work on "Sir Francis' Flags" where Sir Francis Drake's fleet is about to be attacked by the Spanish Armada and you must draw the flags to send an urgent message, and "The Viking Village," where you are to draw the four Viking runes (letters) to lift the Viking curse. Use "fd", "bk", "rt" and "lt".


Grow in Love

The theme in "Grow in Love," this week is "The Mass."

At Mass we Listen to the Word of God, where you sequence the Liturgy of the Mass and become familiar with the objects relating to the Liturgy of the Word.




As Always Keep Healthy and Stay Safe!

Mrs Norris




Road Safety 2020 


The Department for infrastructure have made contact with all schools this week to address Road Safety, which is an area we would be focusing on in school at present. They outline that whilst there have been less traffic on our roads (especially early on in the lockdown), many more people have been out walking, running and cycling.  Sadly, during this time, collisions on our roads have still been occurring with some resulting in serious injuries and fatalities.  This is likely to continue as lockdown further relaxes and we enter the summer months when children and young people have more time to be out and about. 


As a result of this throughout the month of June they have set a weekly task for parent/s to work alongside their child/children and focus on a road safety theme with the aim that both will learn and put into practise.  This week, the theme is cycle helmets (which fits in well with our P7 cycling Proficiency focus) and the aim is that parents and children will check and adjust the cycle helmet to ensure it does its job in the event of a fall or collision.  Too many children (and adults) are currently cycling either without a cycle helmet or with one that is not fit for purpose i.e. to protect the head.  Simple adjustments could be the difference between a slight injury becoming much more serious!  


Please read the document below and address Road safety with your children.

Week 2 

Clink on the icon below and you will find information from DFI for Week 2 Road Safety Learning. 



Every year in school, we take part in the farm safety competition, which usually involves a visit from one of the farm safety team bringing some clear messages about farm safety to our pupils, most of whom live on or frequently visit farms. 


This year the competition is taking on a somewhat different format. The letter below outlines full details. 


The poster competition is open to all pupils from P1-7. They have to create a poster based on the weekly theme. It can be done on A3 or A4 plain paper and is to be submitted by sending a photo or scanned copy to 


You must include a cover note with your child's name, school and your contact number. Please retain the hard copy as they will need it in the event your child's poster is selected as a winner. 


Look out for the weekly update on the theme which will be shared via our facebook page. 


I strongly encourage you to explore these themes each week to help keep our children safe while in and around working farms. 


Thank you 


1st June

Hello Boys and Girls, it is hard to believe that it is the start of the month of June, the last month of the school year. The good weather is here and thank goodness we are all healthy. I was delighted to receive all your messages and photos telling me and showing me just how much you enjoyed using the "Work Choice Grid." If there are other activities on the grid you'd like to complete, please do! Lorcan Whitaker camped out in the garden and explored the constellations. He created a rocket using a bottle of coke and some mints and an adaptor to make it go high in the sky. Cailum created a Space Word Search, and I have sent it to you all in Google Classroom to see if you can solve it! I had great fun with it! Charlie, Liam, Cailum and Eimear all created Planet Poems. Eimear also had great fun creating her aliens and took photos of them hiding in the garden.


Literacy, Spelling & WAU

This week spelling lists have been posted as normal. Please print off and complete the activities each day along with your usual Literacy and Numeracy Homework Activities.

Literacy Activities have been set for you in the 2Do Activities in Purple Mash they are reading activities related to "Serpents of the Nebula." (A Space Story) Each day you will have a chapter to read and multiple choice activities to complete. 



Please remember to keep practice up at home.



This weeks activities in "I see Maths"

(Videos from Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April) are related to Shape Puzzles, Shapes and Stories, Comparing Prices and Strawberries & Spotty Ties! I would love you to send me a picture of some of the activities you have completed using "I see Maths." I would also like you all to attempt the "Crossing Space," Problem Solving Activity, remembering that the Space Ship can not work on auto pilot. A Purple Mash Shape 2Do has also been set


ICT - Purple Mash

In Purple Mash this week you will work on "The River Rapids" where you have to navigate the river to return the Aztec statue to its rightful resting place using "fd", "rt" and "lt" commands. Then in "The Turning Test" you must use "setpc" to draw the correct colour wires in the code-breaking machine.


C2k NewsDesk

Newsdesk's June challenge is to recreate or design a book cover check out some of the ideas posted already and then recreate your own. Don't forget to send me a picture too.


Grow in Love

This week, the Celtic Christianity theme continues, looking at Christian Pilgrimages - a journey to a holy place. the focus is on the Marian Shrine at Knock in County Mayo. 


Virtual Sports Day

I am sure that you are all practising for the events for the "Virtual Sports Day," I see that Sammy Spar has been demonstrating the Welly Boot Toss, The Egg & Spoon Race, the Obstacle Course the Marathon and the Superstrong Challenge. Have you decided what 5 are your favourite events yet?


Keep Healthy and Stay Safe!

Mrs Norris





Lorcan Whitaker was very busy this week. Using Lego he constructed a Space City with a Rocket Ship and two aliens hiding in space grass.

Charlie, Liam, Cailum and James created Acrostic

“Planet Poems.”

Cailum created a 2D creature, using three circles, five triangles, one square, four lightening bolts, one pentagon, one hexagon and an octagon. He has called the creature “Z-mont.” He is extra smart because he has three brains. He can shoot lightening bolts out of his hands. He can destroy planets and he is the strongest alien that ever lived. 

Eimear has been very busy, writing about "The Silver Moon," and creating her space creatures using 2D shapes and pebbles.

Our Beautiful May Altars

Our Solar System.

Aliens and Spaceships

Send your pictures to

Here is your Daily Maths Challenge

27th May

Hello Boys and Girls, I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sun shine over the Bank Holiday Weekend. As the weather forecast for the rest of the week is for dry and sunny weather, I have created different types of tasks for you to complete over the next few days. A lot of them are to be completed outside and with your family. These activities are based on our WAU Space Topic. I hope you enjoy them. Print off the Activity Sheet from Google Classroom and please remember to send me some photos. There is also a Logic and Reasoning Problem Solving Activity for you where you have to help a family of aliens cross Space from one planet to another.

Keep Safe

Mrs Norris





18th May 


My goodness it is hard to believe that it is 8 weeks since I last saw all your happy smiling faces. I really miss you all, and I so look forward to receiving all your messages. They really cheer me up!

You have all been working so, so hard this week, writing the ending of Cecil's Adventure in Space. There were so may different, imaginative ways in which you ended the story: there were many asteroids, some were crashed into, some were dodged, some were ridden. The spaceship needed to be re-fuelled (with sweets!!) No two were the same! Well done!


Literacy, Spelling & WAU

This week, our focus on The Solar System will concentrate on the Astronomers who have helped us learn about our planets; Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus and Sir Issac Newton. Like last week, each day there will be a related activity posted on Google Classroom for you to complete. Make sure to "Hand Up!!

There is a very interesting article on "NewsDesk," (click on the "View More" button on the NewsDesk Welcome page and scrol down ) to find "Mission Impossible - Making a Space Movie." 


Spelling Lists have been sent through Google Classroom. Please print them off and complete along with you regular Numeracy & Literacy Homework.



Remember to keep up the practice at home. 



My goodness!! You certainly have been busy, working really hard on Matheletics. Unfortunately our free access to Matheletics has come to an end, so I have set up a link to "I see Maths" I suggest that you go to the first of these videos and work your way through, one per day, so that every task is completed progressively (in order).It will help you have a better understanding of each task as it is taught. There is also a Problem Solving Task set for you Google Classroom for Friday. Which of the problem strategies are you going to use to put the "Eggs in a Basket?"   



In Purple Mash this week, your 2Do focus is "The Minotaur's Maze," where using the correct commands,  you lead the child safely through the Minotaur's Maze. Have fun!! 


Grow in Love

This week the theme is, Celtic Christianity - Early Christian Ireland, where you will learn about St Kevin and his special friendship with the animals. 


Virtual Sports Day

I hope you have registered for our "Virtual Sports Day," on 13th June and have started to practice the Sprint, Long Jump and High Jump as Sammy Spar has demonstrated so that you can choose your 5 favourite events for the big day! I'm really looking forward to it.


Keep healthy and Stay Safe!

Mrs Norris













11th May

Boys and girls. I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable weekend.  You have been working extremely hard, completing the tasks that have been set for you on Google Classroom. I am so proud of you all. Remember to press the "Hand Up," button when you have completed tasks.That way, I can access them and comment on them! I love getting your messages and pictures.  Keep them coming!


Literacy, Spelling & WAU

This week, our focus on The Solar System is a little different. It is based around an extract from "The Spaceball," by Maggie Freeman. Each day a different activity will be posted on Google Classroom for you to complete, in relation to the story. Make sure to "Hand Up!"

Check out some of the other "Space" related articles in NewsDesk this week. As usual, Spelling Activities have been sent to you through Google Classroom. Please print them off and complete along with your regular Numeracy & Literacy Homework.



Don't forget to keep up practice at home.



Wow!! I am impressed!! There are quite a few of you who are working extremely hard at completing the tasks set for you on Matheletics Purple Mash! Keep up the good work! This week's focus in Matheletics is Addition & Subtraction, Fractions & Decimals and Data.  In Purple Mash your 2Do focuses on giving simple instructions, learning directions and exploring simple logo, in 2Go.


Art & Craft 

Carefully read the description of the creature Cecil, has met in "Goodbye Earth." Do you think you could draw or paint or even create a 3D model of the creature?


Grow in Love

The Theme continues to be "The Church is a Community of Believers."and this week focuses on Baptism. Perhaps you could add a photo of your own baptism to your May Altar. Remember to say a special prayer of thanks for you Parents and Godparents. 

We remember that this weekend 16th May was to be Holy Communion for our P.4. boys and girls. You know, how special this day was for you last year. Say a special prayer for Mrs Graham, P.4, their families and friends that we will soon be able to celebrate this special occasion with them.


As always please stay safe!! 

Mrs Norris


4th May

Here we are boys and girls at the beginning of another month. Today we think of the P.7 boys and girls who were to make their Confirmation today. We think of them, their families, friends and Mrs Sloan who were all looking forward to this special occasion.We look forward to the time we can celebrate the special times in our lives with the people we love and care for. This morning a special Mass is being celebrated by Fr. Sean and streamed from Ballymartin at 10:00am to mark the occasion. We can all join in this celebration through



Grow in Love

In the month of May we pray to and honour Mary in a very special way. We would usually create a May Altar in our classroom, so I would like you to create your own altar at home. Perhaps place a statue of Mary on it and decorate it with some flowers. If you can, please send me some pictures.


Literacy & Spelling
Well done to everyone who completed the Fact File on your chosen astronaut. Nearly everyone wrote about Neil Armstrong and I enjoyed learning about him. Ella and James however, focused on Buzz Aldrin and I loved finding out how he got the name "Buzz". Liam was the only pupil who wrote about Michael Collins. 

Spelling lists this week, have have been sent to you through Google Classroom. Please print them off and complete your daily activities, along with your regular Literacy Homework.

As we focus on "The Solar System" I have set you a  comprehension exercise on Earth. There is also a worksheet for you to complete on the Homophones, there, their and they're after you watch



Those of you who were using Nessy in school, don't forget to keep up your practice at home too.



Well done to those of you who have logged on to Matheletics and are completing the tasks that have been set for you. Remember when you complete the set tasks the site opens up and you can have fun playing games and exploring. Continue to complete Numeracy Homework Activities. To help you keep up times tables practice there has been a 2Do set for you on Purple Mash. You can access it through your C2k Links.



I have created a "Solar System Quiz" I hope you enjoy trying it out this week. You can find out about gas planets at 

and rocky planets too at

The NewsDesk Article

tells us more about our amazing Solar System. If you have trouble with the link, go to NewsDesk, Click on "News Bank" then on the "Space" category and scroll down to"Our Amazing Solar System".



Art & Craft

This week I would love for you all to draw , paint or colour the solar system or some aspect of it. Perhaps create a model of your favourite planet.  I would love you to send me photos of your masterpieces. 


Of course the most important thing you can do this week, is to stay safe! I miss you all and am really looking forward to the day when I can see you all again.

Mrs Norris







27th April

Hello boys and girls, I hope you and all your family continue to keep well. I love getting your messages through Google Classroom. This week in Google Classroom, I have sent you all a copy of this week's spelling list. Continue to do the daily activities as normal. Complete your Numeracy and Literacy Homework each day too. The focus for this weeks Grow in Love is "Life in a Parish" of the materials I have posted this week are related to the topic"Our Solar System." There is a NewsDesk Article telling us about the first man on the moon. If you have trouble with the link, go to NewsDesk, Click on "News Bank" then on the "Space" category and scroll down to the item. I have asked you to create a Fact File on one of the astronauts.  BBC Bitesize[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL08]-[PS_BITESIZE~C~~P_Solarsystem] will give you lots of interesting facts on space. Continue to work on the Numeracy activities that have been allocated in Matheletics and once they are completed, the site opens up and you can explore all the other links on the site. Keep going over your tables and practice them on Make use of the sunny, dry weather, got outside when you can.Most importantly keep safe!

Mrs Norris

20th April, 

Hello P.5. I hope that you all continue to keep well and keep safe.Today marks the beginning of what should have been the beginning of our Summer Term. Our World Around Us Topic for this term is to be Our Solar System so I have placed a few related pieces of work on our Google Classroom site. You can access Google Classroom through MYSCHOOL and then using the code bndh6ud  If you are having difficulty accessing the work or MYSCHOOL Mrs Sloan has posted some helpful hints on what to do on the P.7. class page. There are also some Literacy & Numeracy exercises for you to complete. You have all been allocated a Username and a Password (they have been sent to Google Classroom) to access Numeracy Tasks that you have been set on the Matheletics website. Just Google Matheletics and login. It's a fun way to do Maths. Don't forget to check out NewsDesk and post some comments too. As the sun shines, it is important that you get outside into the fresh air with your family, and run and play to help keep healthy. I look forward to seeing your messages and hope to see you all in person soon.

Mrs Norris

6th April

Another week has passed P.5 and I hope that you all continue to be safe and well. As Easter approaches we remember the events of Holy Week. We may not be able to gather as a community to celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, but we will celebrate with our families. Send me some photos of how you celebrated Easter this year, to my email Look after each other, stay safe, and remember to say a little pray for those people who are not able to be with their families this Easter. Pray also for those who are in hospital at this time.

I hope to see you all very soon!

Mrs Norris

Easter is at Spring Time, as we celebrate Easter differently this year, let's take time to look at the new life all around during this season.

The Events of Easter

Can you remember the "tricks" to help you learn the 9 Times Tables? Maybe this will help.

Use your tables to help you complete these mosaics. Can you create tour own?

30th March

Hello P.5

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well this week. As we are coming closer to Easter, we try harder to stick to "Our Lenten Promises." It seems so long ago that we discussed them and created our Lenten Display. We remember the love that Jesus has for us and pray to him and Mary our Mother to look after us all. I have added a few links of some activities that you may like to try during the week. I do hope that you have all been able to get outside to play while the weather is dry.

Keep Safe

Mrs Norris

As Easter approaches, let's remind ourselves how Jesus loves us.

Here are some Easter Crafts that you might like to try. Don't forget to send me some pictures.

Try this activity with your family

Do you remember the 6 Times Table Song

Sing the 7 Times Table Song with your family

Have fun learning the 8 Times Table

Can you correct the spelling mistakes?

23rd March

Hello P.5.

Little did we think that “Green Day,” would be the last day that I would see you for what could be a number of weeks. I miss you all so much, but I do hope we will be able to keep in touch with each other through the school website. I would love for you to send me messages and even photos to my email so I can post them on the website for your classmates to see. 


I will post some activities, games and websites for you to try at home, to help you remember all the things you have learned and to help you learn even more. 


The most important thing you have to do right now is to keep safe. I hope to see you all very soon.

Mrs Norris   

Here are a few activities you might like to try.

Let's see if you can access Google Classroom using this code: y4iwiru to see if you can take part in the little activity I have set.Send me a message so I can tell who was successful. Don't worry if you were not able to do so, I will post it on the website later.

We reinforced our multiplication facts playing "Fours a Winner!" together.

We learned how to count out change like the shopkeepers do by counting on....

All dressed up to celebrate "Green Day!"

Many strange "characters" came to school today to help us celebrate "World Book Day." 

We took part in the "Sponsored Read - On" to help raise money for the Cancer Fund for Children 

“Paper Free Friday.”

Working together, using White Boards and markers, we created over 100 words from 




To help reinforce our knowledge of the times tables we played “Fill the Grid.”

Thanks to the “Mothers & Others” Football team, we were all able to participate in ICT activities using the fantastic Chrome Books that were purchased with the funds raised during the Christmas Holidays. It was a fabulous experience for everyone.

In our groups, we had the opportunity to act out the story of Moses being found in the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter.

To celebrate St. Valentines Day we created

“Love Bugs”

To help us understand the Human Digestive System better, we created our own digestive system. We had to encourage the food to travel down our “oesophagus” so we tightened and released the “muscles.” The food mixed with “acid” in the “stomach” and travelled on through the “small intestine.” Here the nutritions seeped into the body, to help it develop and grow. 

Jeff McGuffin and Haley Ignew from Kilkeel Fire and Rescue Service, came to talk to us about the different causes of fires and how to best avoid them. They also told us what we should or even shouldn’t do if we ever found ourselves in a situation involving a fire. We were all given “Fire Packs,” at the end of the presentation.

Eimear and Conor got to help Jeff out with the presentation.

We worked together to identify and highlight the key words in an Explanation Text. 

We then worked to write a summary of the passage using the key words we highlighted.

We had great fun trying to make sensible estimates of the measurements of objects in school.

We learned about the Titanic on the C2k News Desk. Annie drew a picture of the magnificent cruise liner at home and Ella took in a model of the Titanic to show us. 

“Eyes Down for Multiplication Bingo!” A fun way to help us to learn our times tables.

Learning to plot position and locate objects using coordinations in the first quadrant. Playing

“Battle Ships,” the old fashioned way. 

In our Problem Solving Activity, we had to try to find out how many different numbers could be created on a four spike abacus using only three beads.

We worked in our groups to try to identify the text type. Ella said it was a text “ that told you something about something.” With a little encouragement she correctly stated that they were all

“Explanation Texts.”

On “Toy Friday,” we had great fun when we took some of our Christmas toys to school and had the opportunity to play with them with our class-mates.

We all had a turn to use a simple grid on the Interactive White Board to locate, position and identify shapes.

Creating candy cane reindeer...

Christmas Jumper Day 

Practicing for our KS2 Christmas performance

“Strictly Nativity.”

We created salt dough Christmas decorations.


We mixed flour, salt and water together.


We kneaded the dough

The dough was rolled out.

We cut out our Christmas shapes. 

When they dried out, we painted them.