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P5 Mrs Woods

Welcome to Primary 5

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Class Teacher: Mrs Woods (Miss Collins - Wednesday)


Friendship Soup

Peer review gallery of our Albert Einstein portraits. The children voted for their favourite and it was very fair as no one knew who owned which portrait 🙂

This week, we have been working on the 10 Commandments. We read a story about Moses and found out about how he was given the instructions to share.

Here we are working hard on our Focus area for Problem Solving- Finding All Possibilities 

Boldly going where no man has gone before......

Here we are researching our topic with the focus on Neil Armstrong and the 1969 moon landing.


Neil Armstrong and Ground Control question and answer session.

This week, we are spending time becoming familiar with Explanation Texts. We have been looking at the rules needed to create a good text and have been working together in groups to produce group texts to present to the class. This gives us great opportunities to use and improve our oral language skills.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to a new school year. We had great fun this week making penguins for our Winter display. We used Augmented Reality to Bring some 3D penguins into the classroom with us for photographs 😉 

Our 3D shape cone angels 👼 and our symmetrical snowflakes ❄️ 

Anti Bullying Week 

We started of the week on Monday with ‘Odd socks Day’ to mark Anti Bullying week.  Our odd socks signify that we are all different and unique and we should celebrate that difference.  

This years theme was ‘One Kind word’.  We discussed how kindness is everywhere and ways in which we can show kindness.  We created a kindness tree for display in our classroom. 

On Friday 5th November we took part in woolly hat day to help raise funds for Mourne Stimulus.  

Today we are using our measuring skills outside. We are working in teams to measure areas of the yard. We will estimate first and then compare our estimation with the actual result.

We are all working hard in our Reciprocal reading groups. We all have an important part to play to help us understand the text. Lots of great discussions going on 😊

Happy Halloween everyone  👻 🎃 

We enjoyed exploring tessellation through practical activities.  We recognised shapes that could tessellate and ensured there were no gaps or overlapping.  We also looked at images from around the world that demonstrated tessellation. 

Today we are working hard on our Visualisation task. We are using comprehension strategies to understand the text better and locate specific parts of information. We need to try to picture what is happening in our minds. 

Today we were learning how to use the future tense of verbs by playing a game with our partner. We had to answer the questions about the future.

For PDMU we discussed all the different ways we are ‘smart’. We can be book smart, nature smart, art smart, music smart, logic smart etc. 

For PDMU we created acrostic poems using positive adjectives for each of the letters of our name 🙂

Our Class Code- created and agreed by our class 🙂

Have a look at our beautiful self portraits 🙂