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P6/7 Mrs C Sloan

⭐️⭐️ In P6 & 7 we are reaching for the stars this year!! ⭐️⭐️

Cycling Proficiency Scheme

This morning the P7 pupils completed the Cycling Proficiency Scheme.  They all sat (and passed) their theory test. Afterwards, they were awarded their certificates.

Since the Easter break, the children have taken part in practical and theory lessons to help them understand the rules of cycling and improve their ability on a bicycle. Although there has been a great improvement over the course of the scheme, the children fully understand that this has not made them experts or ensure that they will be exempt from danger. They must take great care every time they get on their bikes and always wear a helmet.

Congratulations to all of the children on their success. Cycling is a fun way to stay fit and healthy!

Our beautiful May altar for the month of Our Lady 

Great fun experimenting with kites as part of our flight topic ☺️

Thank you to Ella, who collected a code from the Kelling’s fruit punnets and earned us a lovely packet of wildflower seeds for our new planting bed! We can’t wait to see them in bloom and all the bees happily buzzing around 😊


Today we enjoyed making some beautiful Easter cards for our families and doing some Easter puzzles and crafts. 

Have a lovely, prayerful and safe Easter from everyone in P6&7 😊

✝️ 🥚 🐣 HAPPY EASTER!!! 🐣 🥚 ✝️ 

We were so EGGcited in P6&7 to have received a special delivery from our Friends of Holy Cross Committee! Thank you so much from all the happy boys & girls P6 & 7 

It is great to be back!!!!! ☺️🤗⭐️


We we had a great week in P6&7 back with our friends and getting to learn in the classroom. We had fun with coding and really enjoying working in groups to create a maths trail... just a peak at some of the fun we had this week ☺️🤗⭐️

Prime numbers explanation of task

Still image for this video

Dear Parents..... 

The video below is a short (an informal) tutorial to assist with accessing and helping your child complete tasks online. PDFs are the most challenging as you can’t type directly on to them. Have a look at the other options shown. Work can still be hand written and sent in by a photograph. 


I hope this is helpful. 


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Instructional writing 

We ended our focus on instructional writing this week by creating instructions for a Victorian window scene Christmas card. Everyone made the card and used their note taking skills to jot down the steps they took and the equipment they needed as they completed the task. They then used their notes to write clear, easy to follow instructions being sure to include all the features on our shared checklist of success criteria. The cards are beautiful! Well done ❤️

Christmas Jumper Day 2020 

We had our annual Christmas jumper day in aid of the Cancer fund for children charity. Our P6/7 class turned out in style and raised £40 for their efforts! Well done.... it certainly helped get us in the Christmas spirit ☺️

Huge Congratulations to Eimear on her recent 3rd place win in the the Credit Union poster competition!

The feast of the Immaculate Conception 

Today, Tuesday 8th December marks the feast of the Immaculate Conception. We learned that this feast day commemorates the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus, without original sin and that she was close to God and without sin her whole life. This was because God had chosen her to be the mother of his son from the very moment of her existence. 


We we made a beautiful stained glass window to remind us of Mary’s special role as the mother of Jesus and the example she is to us of living according to God’s will. 


Christmas Art

Using cotton buds and blue card we created our own snowflakes.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


In Phonics this week we were looking at the 'shun'  phoneme.  We could identify words that ended in cian, tion, sion and ssion.  We ended our phonics lesson with a game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  We had to find the answer that had the correct spelling.  We won the million pounds!!

Fun with instructions!!

Our focus text type this half term is procedural or instructional text such as recipes, building instructions, directions for playing a game. We explored all the features of instruction texts and made comparisons with our recent text type.. recounts. We found things they had in common such as time connectives and chronological/time order. 


We explored the importance of clear instructions having tried to follow some really poor instructions to draw an image and then some much clearer instructions. We discussed all the additional things that help make instructions easier to follow. This was fun! 


Anti-Bullying week


To mark the start of anti-bullying week we had Odd Socks Day.  We talked about what bullying meant and discussed how we can all show and share kindness.
We also had a special guest in our class today - a Superhero called Peacemaker. In groups we discussed the ways in which the superhero could help make everyone happy and ensure everyone is included. 

We looked at different forms of bullying - verbal bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying.  We then got the opportunity to act out how we would deal with each of the scenarios.  

Working with verbs

We discussed what we know about verbs... action/doing words and how they change depending on the tense. We looked at the past, present, future and past participle. We then looked at words that don’t fit the spelling patterns we are used to... irregular verbs. For example hit... I hit my head can’t become I hitted my head. 

We had great fun playing ‘reveal the picture’ to think of more examples!

Working with Negative numbers 

Using the RUCSAC method 


This week we revisited the RUCSAC method which we follow to help us solve word problems. We looked at the language used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which helps us figure out which operation to use and when. We worked in pairs to create our own ‘loop it’ word problem game for our peers to try out! 

Woolly Hat Day fun...

Today we took part in ‘Woolly hat day’ in aid of a local charity Mourne Stimulus... we enjoyed showcasing our favourite woolly hats... although it was a bit warm in class 😀😊 

Thanks so much for the generous donations... our class raised £60.90! 


We played ‘go high, go low’ which was a bit of a work out reminding us when we round up and when we round down... it was great fun! ☺️😀


we extended our knowledge of rounding this week to include rounding numbers of up to 6 digits in size. We rounded to the nearest 10/100/1000 and beyond! We used a number generator to get random numbers to round and looked at how it is important to include all place holder digits when rounding. 

This was a fun way to work with rounding!!

What is a noun??

This week we looked at nouns and their role in a sentence. We categorised them as ‘person, place or thing.’ We also discovered that some words, such as ‘fly’ can be a noun or a verb depending on how it’s used.... a fly landed on the table is a noun but I fly the plane is a verb!! The trick is ‘a/the/some’ will make sense before the word if it is a noun and ‘to’ will make sense before a verb. 


Math’s Week 2020

We had great fun taking part in the daily problem solving challenge sent by St Louis each day this week... we worked in pairs/groups and on our own to try and find the solution and our answers were sent off to St Louis.... we really enjoyed finding out the answer at the end of the day and hearing who won a prize!! Some of the puzzles were REALLY tricky! 😊👌⭐️

We are learning about the angles in a triangle

We know the angles in a triangle add to 180 degrees... we carried out some 2step problems to work out the missing angles in the triangle and used our answers to colour the pumpkin! Fun problem solving ☺️😁

‘Hit the button’ timetables practice 


October is the month of the Holy Rosary 

In class this week we reflected on the feast of the Holy Rosary, the powerful prayer to Mary. We learned all about the rosary and how it reflects on key parts of the life of Jesus and Mary. We then made our own mini rosary that we could take home to help us say a decade of the rosary each night in the month of October. 


Our lady of the holy rosary, pray for us. Amen. 

Dear diary....

We have been learning about the features of recount texts. This week we are looking at a diary entry. We planned a diary recount based on the announcement of war (linked to our WW2 topic). We listened to the announcement by Neville Chamberlain and imagined what hearing that announcement for the first time would have been like. We then used the feedback from our plan to type up our diary entry. We used lots of tools to help us correct our work including voice to text for tricky words. 

We are going to add these to our WW2 display. 

Time... how long is it really???

We had great fun exploring all about time today in class. We did lots of experiments too, which showed us how different everyone’s perception of time is and how difficult it is to be accurate. We estimate with time so much in our daily lives. We had great fun trying to see who could get the time in our whole class challenge... Lots of healthy competition too 😊 There were some great strategies used to help figure out the passing of time. 

2D Shape Properties 

We have been looking at a range of 2D shapes and their properties.... we have looked at even more polygons and have discussed properties such as number of sides, angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines. We put our new learning to the test in our shape properties game against our partner! As well as completing shape tables. 

Exploring Recount texts...

we were introduced to our new text type which we will be focusing on this half term. We worked in our pairs to look at some sample texts and we had to brainstorm the features we could spot that they all had in common... we then could decide what text we thought it was! We were all able to identify that the text type is RECOUNT and we discussed the 3 key signs of recounts: past tense, chronological order and time connectives. 


We we talked about the words genre and form... which simply mean the purpose (recount) and the type (diary, letter, newspaper report etc)


Excellent familairisation work work this week!

World War 2

We created a wonderful KWL planning board about our topic WW2... we thought about what we know and what we want to find out! We also linked in with our recount writing to write about the day we heard the announcement of we with Germany! We listened to the announcement by Neville Chamberlain to set the scene and help us to imagine what it would have been like. We then typed up our writing and tea stained it for display. 


This half term the comprehension skill we are focusing on is VISUALISATION... we explored the meaning of this which is how you allow what you have read to build up images in your mind to help transport you into the story and gain a better understanding of what you are reading. We have started our class novel ‘The boy in the striped pyjamas’ which is linking nicely with our class topic. We have loved listening to the story of Bruno and so far we were hearing all about his home life in Berlin... he was very wealthy and had a maid and butler and his house was four storeys high... we used our visualisation skills to create some artwork based on the text.... it is simply wonderful! 

Getting used to Google Classroom...


We are back up and running with our computer timetable in P6 and 7 and we are loving it! We are so lucky to have a device each... some of us are using chrome books and others laptops. Today we got set up in our new google classroom and we got to pop on messages to each other in the stream. This was great fun. We also logged on to news desk and Mathletics. We are really gaining confidence with our ICT skills. It is great to see everyone helping each other out if any one is ‘stuck’ too!


What makes a good friend?? 


We we have been working on our topic ‘Me, Myself and I’ thinking about resilience and all the things we can do to look after ourselves and each other. One of the most important things to all of us is our friends. We looked at how we can be a great friend to everyone. We worked together to brainstorm what a good friend means to us and created our own friendship recipes!


We hope to apply all these things to help us to be great friends to each other in P6 and 7 this year!!! 

Introducing the new P7s of Holy Cross!

It was lovely to welcome our big P7s back to school! They have grown up so much over lockdown and the Summer holidays and are back full of enthusiasm for the year that lies ahead!