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Plotting the Titanic 

On Tuesday the 5th of June we played a coordinate game. It was good fun. After that we created our own graphs and drew the Titanic by plotting coordinates on our graphs. I coloured my boat in to look like the Titanic using what I have learnt. I enjoyed this.

By J.J. Cunningham

St. Colman’s Netball Blitz 

On Monday the 4th of June we went to St.Colman’s Netball Blitz. When we got there we started by warming up. We then practiced our passing and shooting. We played our first game against St.Colman’s B team and won. Next we played  Moneydarragh and then Ballymartin. We won both games. Then we played Grange. This game went into extra time and unfortunately we lost by 1 point. Although we didn’t win we had a good day and lots of fun.

By Brona Cunningham, P.7.

Luxurious cabins of the Titanic

In school we are learning about the colossal Titanic. We learnt about the amazing first, second and third class rooms. We then made our own cabins. Some made luxurious first class cabins, others made third class cabins that would have been thronged with people. I used cardboard, paper, coloured paper and some glitter to make a first class dining room. I really enjoyed making my first class cabin. By Amy White, P.7.

Debating in a Democracy!

We were put into groups of four and five. We were given four different topics and we had to debate if they were fair or unfair. We debated about the age children should be allowed to drive at and if adults should have to go to school or not. This was great fun. By Riley McCartan, P.7.

Titanic Measuring and Problem Solving

On Wednesday the 30th of May we were spilt into groups and went outside. In our groups we worked together using a trundle wheel to measure how many metres long our playground is. We used this to help us imagine how long Titanic was. We found out that you would have to walk the length of our playground 10 times to walk the same length as the Titanic. We all had great fun completing this task. We also had to figure out how many children would fit along Titanic. We used a metre stick to help us do this. In the end, we worked out that 807 children would fit the length of colossal and magnificent sea-liner Titanic. We enjoyed being outside. By Clara Rose Cooney, P.7.

Kilbroney Cross Country

Children from P5-P7 all participated in kilbroney cross country. We arrived and did some warm ups before it started. It took a while to start but when it did we all cheered for our school. We were there for hours before the P7 even started to run because of all the different categories .Corey was the best out of our school, as he placed 16th in it. Everyone was so tired after running ,so we decided to sit down and eat our lunch.After that we played a game and then came back to the school at 1:30. It was a fantastic day. By Kaycee, Leanne and Emma. 

St. Louis Blitz

On Wednesday the 16th of May 2018 we went to St Louis for a netball tournament and the boys went as well for a football tournament.When we got there we practised shooting into the netball nets.In our first match we played all children A unfortunately we lost that match. In our second match we played St Colman’s and also lost that one. Though in our third match we played Grange and luckily beat them. Unfortunately we lost the fourth match against All Children B. We made it into the semi-finals.

St. Louis Netball and Football Blitz

Holy Cross Hoodies

The P7 boys and girls are very proud to be wearing their new hoodies,

“Class of 2018”

Every p7 child’s name is on the back of each sweatshirt.



Primary 7 created a class May Altar for the month of May

fruits of the Holy Spirit

In our class we have been preparing for our Confirmation as we were learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit 🍇🍒🍎🍌🍉🍓🍐🍍. All the fruits represent a gift of the Holy Spirit. We designed posters about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  By Clara and J.J. 

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Preparing for Our Confirmation

Brown is the NEW Black

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Brown is the NEW Black

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Clara Rose - Brown is the NEW Black

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Violent Volcanoes using Personification

Volcano Projects

We all were given a sheet of paper with a list of projects for different table points worth  50 ,100  and 150 points. We all had a week to complete our chosen project and all were fantastic, we also presented are projects to our Principal and the primary 6 class. Some examples of the projects that were completed were board games, word searches and interviews. This topic was a blast and  we had so much fun completing and making our projects. We even inspired the P6 class to perhaps do the same thing at the end of their topic. By Clara Rose, Emma and Leanne.

Volcano Projects

Volcanic Explosions

St. patrick’s Celebrations

St Patrick's Day

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World Book Day Read-A-thon

World Book Day Celebrations

                                            World book day 

 Unfortunately we were off on World book day so we had it on the 9th of march, what we do for world book day is dress up and raise money for  charities. the charity we raised money for this year was cancer fund for children by reading 100   pages of a chosen novel ,some of the books we read were Diary of a wimpy kid , Billionaire boy and On The money. We came up with the idea of making a frame and the characters get in to have a picture. World Book Day was a great success all throughout the school and all of us Children love it, p7s had a great last World book day and we will remember it for all are years to come.

Raymond, Eoin and Clara rose.frown

                                      Mothers Day gifts

For Mothers Day we, the P7s, made beautiful creations out of clay for our mums e.g. coasters, bowls and hearts. We thought it was going to be easy but it was the complete opposite! We had to use different techniques to get the clay to join. We had to score the clay to get it to stick together, so that when it dries it doesn't fall apart. The bowls were the trickiest because you had to make it into a worm and wind it around your base.

Blaine, Cormac and Eoin.

Learning about BIDMAS

we have been learning about the order of operations, which has helped us with solving simple calculations. 

safer Internet Day

 Internet Safety Day 2018


On the 6th of February, 2018 it was internet safety day. The internet is important for helping children learn in school, however, it can be used wrongly too.
In p7 everyone got into groups and made videos of how to keep safe on the internet. Some of the children did a rap, and some did a news report. Stay safe and SMART on the internet. Go to parents section of our website and click on e-safety.

Safe Meeting Accepting Reliable Tell.


 By Ryan

Tectonic Plates Demonstration

learning about the tectonic plates

we used Oreo biscuits to demonstrate the movement of tectonic plates. The 3 plate movements are Transform, Convergent and Divergent. The divergent and convergent movements cause lava to erupt from the ground. The transform can cause an earthquake. 

We got to eat the biscuits when we had finished, this was the best part. 😋😋 by Corey.


 We worked in teams to demonstrate how the tectonic plates move. We done this by getting Oreos and breaking the top one and moving them the way the tectonic plates move. 

By Shane Quinn 

The Credit Union Quiz

Excitement, fun and success at Credit Union Quiz night!

Tessellation and M C Escher

Finished art tessellations

Tessellation and the artist M C Escher

M C Escher was a Dutch artist who popularised tessellation in an artistic way. His tessellations were deceiving to the eye. Not only did he make tessellations popular he was also an architect. The P7 class made their own tessellations using Escher’s skills and abilities.

by Blaine, Daniel and Brandon.


Japanese Multiplication

Japanese Multiplication

We were all learning how to multiply with the Japanese strategy. The Japanese way was a great strategy as  you just make up a sum e.g. 2x4, so what you do is place 2 lines parallel and another 4 across the 2 other lines  and you count all the intersecting ones . We all enjoyed the task and would want to do it again as it was very enjoyable. By Clara Rose.

 It was hard at the start because we hadn't ever done anything like that before. We all got used to it after a couple of tries. Finally,  some of us thought It was easier than our usual  way. Others thought it was easier to do the usual way because lots of lines can be a little confusing. By Brona and Shane.  



The Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

This year P4,P5,P6 and P7 preformed 'A Christmas story' ,a Christmas play which was about the Nativity .We had three weeks to get our parts for the play, learn our lines , learn dances and songs and gather up costumes, but we did it. We performed the play in Atticall Chapel in front of a packed audience. Primary Seven had the main roles as it was our last play in primary school. Some Primary Sixes got  speaking roles e.g.  one of the angels , Granda and the two children. Other Primary Sixes were soldiers and angels which didn't speak, but they still had to learn the songs and plenty of actions. Primary Four and Five sang beautifully in the choir.

Many of the primary seven children have said that they feel a lot more confident acting ,singing and dancing in front of people now that they have preformed the play to a massive, flabbergasted audience . Linda came to the chapel and played music for us to sing our songs to. On the night everyone did amazing and the feedback from the crowds of happy play goers was very positive. It was a great experience and I would do it again.

By Kaycee  p.7 





Our flabbergasting, astounding Christmas Production

Everyone had to audition for the part they wanted in the play. After the cast was announced, we were given our scripts to learn our lines. We went down to the chapel for all our practices. We realised it was harder than we thought it was to give expression, actions and loudness in our voices. Some people even had to create and perform their own dances, which was allowing them to add their own ideas. We all had to organise our own costumes. Our homework for weeks was to learn lines and songs. We had a dress rehearsal and went through the whole play and the songs with Linda. Mrs Morrow prepared the props for us. By Emma and Leanne.

Amazing Victorian Christmas decorations

 Amazing Victorian Christmas decorations

We were given the task to find out about a Victorian Christmas and then ,make Victorian Christmas Decorations. Everybody made their own item e.g. Baubles, crackers, wreathes, presents and lots more. We were given a time frame to finish which was a five day period , everybody did really well . We then presented them to the class and explained how we made it, it was great fun. We are now going to write instructions on how to make it, as we are concentrating on procedural writing at the moment. We have put the decorations up around the class and on our class tree. By Kaycee and Erin, P7.

P7 Masquerade

Macbeth Freeze Frames Scene

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The P7 children freeze framed a scene from Macbeth.


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P7 celebrating European Languages Day:

We all took part in celebrating European Languages Day. We dressed up in different countries dress. In groups, we chose a country, and we found out interesting facts and information about our particular country. The countries that were chosen were: France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. We researched and learnt how to say "Hello" in each language. We all brought In an item or a food (e.g Tirimisu, gazpachio  and sangria.) We had a feast with all the succulent food the class brought in.The feast was a blast and everybody had fun.


By Clara Rose and Emma Quinn






Song to Learn

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Reciprocoal Reading

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Reciprocoal Reading

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Reciprocoal Reading

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Reciprocoal Reading

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