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Welcome to our Primary 7 class page. Find out about all the exciting learning and activities we are doing each week! 

We hope you enjoy looking at all our photos and videos!

Declan presented all of the staff with an amazing cake to say ‘...thank you for .the amazing time I had at the school.’

It looks too good to eat!!!


P7’s working on their Titanic boards

The Unsinkable

On Saturday 8th June 2019 Eabhá O’Hagan travelled to Drogheda for an Irish dancing competition.  She danced brilliantly and came home with four trophies and six medals.  She is now Boyneside U12 champion.  She was also the winner of the Heavy Jig, the Slip Jig and the two-hand reel. Everyone in P7 is so proud of her.  Congratulations and well done Eabhá. Such an amazing achievement.

Come inside the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic
Today the Primary 7 children presented their wonderful Titanic rooms to the class. They were given the option to design either a first, second or third class room. We were delighted at the effort made by everyone and how brilliant they all looked. Super work everyone!

Can you guess which rooms are first, second or third class?

Make a difference challenge speech 


Jennifer and I presented a PowerPoint to the parents of the children of Attical. Jennifer and I created the PowerPoint together to present to the parents. We wrote about the things that we had done to help our cause, plastic pollution. We told them about the beach clean up that we did and about the bun sale that we held later that day. The reason we held this parent information session was so that we could make the parents of our community aware of the dangers of plastic pollution. We also encouraged them to reduce the use of single-use plastics such as sandwich bags, tinfoil and cling film. We told them to try and use more boxes and reusable water bottles rather than single use ones. We hope that our speech has had a positive effect on the parents and that they will be inspired to do some of the things that we hopefully persuaded them to do. By Eva Rice, P7

St Louis Tournament Wednesday 22 May 2019

Well done to our girls & boys who competed in the netball & football tournaments in St Louis Grammar school.  We would like to thank all involved for organising a super event. The children played fantastic and had a wonderful day.😁

                           Show and Tell Friday

Over the past number of weeks we have been telling our class all about our hobbies and interests. We have notice some fascinating things about each other from the last past Friday. We really enjoyed listening to other people’s hobbies. We had some interesting visitors such as Millie the dog and Jem  the dog 🐶 , Dougal the horse 🐴 and two lambs 


sentinus Robotics Challenge

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Robotic day for primary 7


Today primary 7 got a visitor from David from Sentinus 


We had to estimate and check to see if our coding worked!

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Primary 7 had a brilliant day learning about robotics.we a visitor in called David who showed us who to work robots.we work with our partner to make the robot work .We all took part in different activities to see would are robot work,we told our robots were to go by  codling on the computers . Everyone worked well together and really enjoyed it .Diavid made sure everyone understood what to do before we started and we all had a great day. David was in showing us rebotics which we have chosen to present at the sentinues Day.




We made our robots move by writing a programme using code

‘A day in the life of an eco warrior’


The primary seven pupils prepared and researched their speech on the above theme for the Newry, Mourne & Down District Council’s annual Environmental Youth Speak competition. The P7s will vote for 4 finalists and then the children from P4-6 will have the final vote for who we think should represent our school in the competition in the 26th March.




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Marios Breakfast Video

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Marios Breakfast Video

Oz Bites Breakfast Video

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Breakfast Video

Mix It Up Breakfast Video

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Breakfast Video

Potters Puffs Breakfast Video

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Potters Puffs Breakfast Video

Chocolate Tiers Breakfast Video

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Breakfast Video

Super Crunchie Munchies Breakfast Video

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Breakfast Video

Christmas Carolling

Today we visited First Trust Bank in Kilkeel to do some Christmas carolling. It was great fun and we sang beautifully! Some customers sat and enjoyed the singing and gave us great encouragement with their applause! 

Christmas Play fun!!

And so the fun has started... the roles have been auditioned for and the singing has started. Please use the tracks below to help with rehearsing the songs each evening.

School Council Elections

Primary 7 have been busy writing their campaigns and preparing their speeches for the school council elections.

The videos can be viewed on the link


The big vote will take place next week, with 4 of the primary 7 pupils being chosen to represent the school in the main council roles of: Chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary.


Good luck to all the candidates!!

01 Mary Mary.mp3

02 Bethlehem.mp3

03 Almost There.mp3

04 Magi May I_.mp3

05 Wannabe.mp3

06 No Room At The Inn.mp3

07 Shepherd Shuffle.mp3

08 Long Ago.mp3

Shimna Intergrated College P7 Day

What a fun packed day our P7 boys and girls had in Shimna Integrated College. We created our very own Pacman game in ICT, learnt to record reactions in Chemistry, completed an orientation activity in Geography, took part in a quiz in Media studies, completed  an Irish computer game in Irish and even participated in some acting in Drama. It really opened our eyes to some lovely new subjects that we are looking forward to getting stuck into next year, wherever we may be. A big thank you to our guides  and everyone at Shimna for having us.

NSPCC 'Danceathon'

We had great fun getting active to support the NSPCC... some great dance moves being showcased in the Primary 7 room this week!!

Have a look at our action shots :)

Lego Fun

Putting our ability to follow and give instructions to the test... Lego fun with Mrs White!

NSPCC Keeping Safe Workshop

Visual and Diagram Problems

Our focus in problem solving this half term is visual and diagram problems. We looked at the 'counting squares' problem... which seemed very simple but we soon realised there was more to it. We used our skill of logic and finding patterns to help approach the problem systematically so we wouldn't miss out any squares. This turned out to be tricky but great fun!!

Calculation Conversation

We worked in pairs to sort decimal addition calculations in order of difficulty from least to most difficult, and arrange in a ‘Diamond 9’. We discussed which questions we could do mentally andwhich we might need to use a written method for. Some groups had the calculations in different order depending on the strategy they used to work out the Calculation.

St. Mark’s Football Tournament

On Monday the 19th of November we, the primary 7s, went to the foot ball tournament. We were split up into two groups. We each played five matches in total and we won a few in total. It was a very fun experience to go on the the bus to St.Marks. We had a great day playing football  . By Éabha and Eva

Anti-Bullying Week 12th-16th November 2018

This year the theme is RESPECT! We discussed and debated the difference between relational conflict and bullying and completed activities related to bullying in our groups. We decided to say and do one act of kindness each day where we said positive words and did something positive for someone in our school#choosekindness.

Measure, Scale and Ratio

Measure, Scale and Ratio

Our task was to measure lengths of the people that we chose in our groups. When we measured the lengths of the person we rounded it to the nearest multiple of 5. We then divided the measurements of the person by 10. We had drawn a scale of the person. By Jennifer and Tara


William Morris Art work

Have a look at our amazing William Morris inspired wall paper designed. As part of our topic on the Victorians, we looked at the work of William Morris and how he used intricate patterns from nature to create amazing tapestries, wallpapers and furniture.

We created our own small design which was scanned and repeated to give the effect of wallpaper... we think you'll agree they are just fabulous!

Maths Week fun 2018!!

This week, as well as all our usual maths work we had a task to create a game for pupils in Primary 4 which would make learning maths (or an element of it) fun... We worked really hard designing and creating our games and then let the P4s have a go. It was a great way to revise all our basic maths skills too. We also took part in the 'Mile a day' challenge throughout the week. Have a look at the clips below which explain how we created a game and how they work.

World mental health day..... 

Let’s talk about it!

We celebrated mental health day by dressing in purple and having a lesson where we reflected on our emotions, why we feel the way we do and how we can manage our feelings when they are not so good.

European Day of Languages 2018

What an amazing effort all the P7 children put into their European Language Day celebrations this year!! They worked hard within their groups to prepare some fabulous resources, lessons on the language and food displays to teach the others about their chosen country. Well Done!!

Eabha brings the cup home

Big win for Eabha

A big congratulations to Eabha on a great win at the Irish dancing in Limerick!

Dahlicious dress up day!

Properties of triangles

We were finding out about the properties of the equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangle.We played a snakes and ladders game to consolidate our learning.