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At Holy Cross in P.7 we develop strategies to resist unwanted peer/ sibling pressure and behaviour. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we recognise, discuss and understand the nature of bullying and the harm that can result. 

Anti- Bullying week

At Holy Cross in P.7 we become aware of the potential danger of relationships with strangers or acquaintances, including good and bad touches.

 At Holy Cross in P.7 we become aware of: appropriate road use:

  • how to apply the Green Cross Code;

  • how conspicuity reduces road collisions;

  • passenger skills including boarding and disembarking from cars and home;

  • school transport; and

  • how bicycles are best maintained and ridden. 

Primary 7 have now completed their Cycling Proficiency. Well done and remember to keep safe on the road! They are pictured along with their trainers Mrs Denise Sloan and Mrs Sharon Grant.

The Cycling Proficiency Scheme (CPS) has commenced for our primary 7 children.  It teaches children who can already ride a bicycle, how to do so more safely. It covers what to wear, bicycle maintenance and the rules of the road.  It also allows children to practice cycling manoeuvres in a safe environment. Manoeuvres include starting off, slowing down, stopping and parking, turning right and left, overtaking parked cars, passing side roads and carrying out emergency stops safely.

As well as the practical aspects, pupils must pass a theory test on relevant sections of the Highway Code.

Primary 7 CPS 18 April 2016

Cycling Proficiency Video

Still image for this video
Primary seven pupils in this video are completing their cycling proficiency training.

At Holy Cross in P.7 we develop a pro-active and responsible approach to safety. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we know where, when and how to seek help. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we are aware of basic emergency procedures and first aid.