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Similarities and Differences

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At Holy Cross in P.7 we examine and explore the different types of families that exist, the roles within them, and the different responsibilities. 

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At Holy Cross in P.7 we know about aspects of our cultural heritage including the diversity of cultures that contribute to Northern Ireland. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we recognise the similarities and differences between cultures in Northern Ireland, for example, food, clothes, symbols and celebrations. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we acknowledge that people differ in what they believe is right and wrong, and we recognise that people have different beliefs that shape the way they live. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we develop an awareness of the experiences, lives and cultures of people in the wider world. 

Picture 1 Ana Sanchez from Madrid
Picture 2 Heike from Vechta Germany
Picture 3 Interacting Theatre company from Madrid visit.

At Holy Cross in P.7 we recognise how injustice and inequality affect people’s lives. 

At Holy Cross in P.7 we understand that differences and similarities between people arise from a number of factors including cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity, gender and disability.