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 Our mini topic this week is Castles! 



Parts of the Castle

The document below will help you learn all about the different parts of a castle. Gather up some junk materials at home, such as cereal boxes and milk cartoons and try to make your very own castle. I would love to see the results! 

Send me some pictures at


Open the document called Information on Knights' Armour to learn all about them and what they wear. 


You could also watch this video


Afterwards try to label the picture of the Knight. You could then use the  split pin activity to make your own Knight. You could just glue the pieces together if you don't have any split pins. blush

Why don't you try some of these activities too!! 


  • Go to PurpleMash and click on the 2do related to castles. Here you can type in what you learnt about castles. I can't wait to read all about your amazing learning. (Remember instructions on how to access PurpleMash are at the topic of our class home page). Use the instructions below to help you complete the activity. blush


  • Go to PurpleMash and design your own castle using the art app. This activity is set as a 2do. To find it click on the alerts button at the top of the page. 


  • Try some of the crosscurricular activities in the Castle booklet below! They are great fun!heart