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                     This week our mini topic is going to be minibeasts.


You will find a great video on this website that will teach you a bit more about minibeasts.


Here are a few more videos you also might enjoy watching




Try some of the tasks I set on PurpleMash. You can even design your own insect!

 Butterfly Painting


The beautiful patterns on a butterfly’s wings are symmetrical – that means one wing is a mirror image of the other.

To make a symmetry painting, fold a sheet of paper in half then open it up back up. Dab paint on one side of the paper, roughly in the shape of a butterfly wing. Now for the magic – fold the paper and press it down gently, then open it up to reveal a stunning symmetrical butterfly!


This video will show you a bit more

Find butterflies in the wild. Head outdoors on a warm summer’s day and look for butterflies basking in the sunshine.

If you don't have paint, use this sheet to design your own symmetrical butterfly!

Try this butterfly addition and subtraction

Bug Hotel


Explore minibeasts around your own home by designing your own bug hotel. Think about the bugs you would like to see and what those bugs they need to thrive.


This video might help you know a bit more about insects in your garden.

Where do these minibeasts live? Can you match them to their home?



This is an exciting video to teach you about spiders.


This PowerPoint will teach you about the lifecycle of a spider.

Become an Artist


Learn how to draw using the tips below!

Send me your great work! I would love to see it!




Listen to this great story


Afterwards, why don't you pick a different insect and make up your own story about it becoming a superhero. Write it on Purplemash using the 2do I set! I would love to hear it!!