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Have a look in here to find out what your friends are getting up to!

Donnchadh and Myleene getting ready for our Virtual Sports Day! Great work! I hope you enjoy the day! blush

Robin Sloan had great fun learning and playing this week! He had his own shop called Robin's Market! I am sure you would all want to do your shopping in this shop if you could!! He also drew a beautiful picture! Well done Robin!blush

I received some lovely photographs from Annie Murphy. Annie has 3 new baby goslings! How exciting! 

She has also been on a really cool camping trip in a massive tent! Great work Annie! 

Tomás O'Hagan designed a wonderful mini-beast hotel! Tomás even needed to get a shovel to help him move the soil. He chose a great location, in the shelter, for his hotel. Well done Tomás. blush

Robin Sloan had a very eventful week. He designed and built his very on 5 star minibeast hotel. He even had some visitors already!! Robin also worked on his symmetry skills and created a wonderful symmetrical butterfly.

Tomas O' Hagan had some great fun this week. He carried out a wonderful sorting and matching activities and sorted all his jerseys! Great work Tomás!

Tomás also worked on the Spaghetti Challenge. He managed to even get the Incredible Hulk and 2 of his friends to stand on it without it breaking. He made it into a real bridge by putting toy cars underneath it! Excellent Tomás! 




Tomás  has been working very hard this Monday morning! He has completed some amazing phonics work to help him learn his sounds! He even wrote a lovely sentence using his sounds! Great work! Keep it up!!
Darragh Fitzpatrick had great fun trying out the spaghetti challenge this morning.  Here are some pictures of how he got on. The bridge was still holding with 12 wrestlers and a cherry picker! Wow Darragh! Amazing work!! smiley


A big happy birthday to Donnchadh Murphy who turned 6 at the weekend!! We hope you had a lovely day!smiley

Tomás O'Hagan has been working extremly hard this week again. He used his amazing talents and creativity to create a ship. He worked so hard and included so much detail that it looks like a real ship! Well done Tomás. Great work! Keep it up!blush

I got a wonderful message from Robin Sloan this morning. He took a lovely picture of his favourite place. It looks so peaceful and calm. He also sent me a picture of the mud cake he made. Wow! Doesn't it look delicious! I wish I could eat it all up! Great work Robin blush

I got a lovely email from Dylan O'Hare this morning telling me all about what he has been getting up to! He has been very busy!  It was his birthday in April so he made a Sonic cake! Have a look at the pictures! It looks delicious.


He has also been doing lots of baking. He has made bread, rice crispy buns, biscuits and he even made pizza on the barbecue!! He told me his favourite thing about the barbecue is when he got to cook marshmallows on it!smiley


Dylan and his family also worked very hard to make McDonald’s!surprise They made bags, cups and they even made a menu.  They had to go and ask their mummy for what they wanted.  Their mummy told them the price and they had to pay her. heart They had great fun!! 

I am extremely proud of the boys and girls in Primary 2 who have been working so hard at home. I got some great photographs of Tomás O'Hagan working hard to complete some online tasks and games! I also got some great photographs from Donnchadh Murphy who has also been completing some fantastic word work!
This morning I received some lovely photographs of Ellen Trainor. She has been working hard and has even been going on some walks in the mountains too!! smiley

This week I set the Primary 2 children the challenge of creating their own castle. 


Tomás O'Hagan took on this challenge and he worked extremely hard on his project all week. He created an amazing castle, fit for any king! I would even love to live in this castle! He included so much detail. He included flags, grass, knights, battlements, a door and he even included a really cool picture of the king of the castle, King Tomás. 


Great work Tomás! I am super impressed! Well done!!smiley

Tomás and Annie have been very creative this week and designed a lovely May altar to honour Mary.

Well done and keep up the hard work!smiley

Robin has been working very hard and created a lovely May altar to honour Mary during the month of May

Tomás O'Hagan has been working extra hard all week! Keep up this amazing work!! :)

Great to see what you have been up to boys! Keep up the hard work!

Tomás has been working very hard again this week. He has been busy playing outside, carrying out arts and crafts and helping his daddy! Keep up the hard work!blush
Great work Tomas! Keep up the hard work! blush