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Emily has been carrying out a science experiment this week.

Emily Rose is missing out on seeing the Belfast Giants this year so she has written a recount of her visit to see them last year. Excellent!

Some lovely photos received from Lily. She has been enjoying our new topic and has create beautiful pictures of mermaids. Lily got to Arial a few years ago in Disney World. She's been keeping fit and healthy by climbing to the top of Knockchree. Well done Lily! 😊

Orlagh has definitely been busy this week. She has been helping out with the hay. She has also been doing some work on our World Around Us topic. She drew and coloured in a mermaid and named her Sofia.

Lola and Orlagh completing the art activities I set at the start of the week. Lola made a chick called Windy from the flowers on windbushes. She also used leaves to make the bunny's ears. Orlagh created a hedgehog called Harry out of leaves. She also painted some lovely stones and arranged them in the shape of flowers. Well done girls!

On Thursday evening Myleene surprised all the P4 children, Mrs Graham and Maggie by delivering a lovely gift. As Saturday was meant to be P4's First Holy Communion, Myleene thought she would cheer everyone up. She very kindly left everyone a little pot with a sunflower seed planted in it. Alongside it was a beautiful message. It was very thoughtful of her 😁Thank you very much Myleene ⭐

Harry has been very busy in the beautiful weather and learning lots of new skills. He has been baking a cake for his brother's birthday, making pizzas and planting flowers and herbs. He also got very creative and made his own Mc Donald's by spraying the boxes. He made happy meals, and included some numeracy, by compiling a menu and adding up the cost of the food he ordered. Brilliant Harry!

Thomas has made a super solar system. Well done!

Myleene has been very busy creating the solar system. It's brilliant. Well done!

Myleene's beautiful May altar

Look at Emily's brilliant drawing of the solar system

Lola has drawn a great picture of the solar system, created an astronaut called Alex and made up a beautiful May altar. Good girl Lola!

Emily Rose did an excellent job of creating the solar system. It's brilliant! Well done.

Orlagh has been doing some of the art activities I set in connection with our WAU space. She created her own alien called Christy who lives on Ice Cream planet, which Orlagh also came up with. Well done πŸ‘ You are working very hard at home πŸ˜€

Lily has been writing stories. A great story. Good girl. πŸ˜ƒ

Mary’s lovely May altar πŸ˜€

Cassie's beautiful May altar. Well done!

Busy busy busy. Raymond has made a beautiful May altar with pictures of Our Lady. Good boy. He also has been working hard on the farm and feeding his pet sheep Raymo.

Lottie has been doing some art and made a miraculous medal.

As well as doing her school work, Myleene has been busy feeding the birds, doing some gardening and some baking. Good girl! πŸ‘

James doing some baking. Looks good!

Bella and I made pizzas today. She helped me put the sauce and the toppings on.

Emily Rose had been busy learning how to plant lettuce, celery and leeks. She has also sown some carrots and sunflower seeds. Great job!

I had a lovely evening chatting to all my P4 children. So nice to see all their faces again πŸ™‚ Thank you to Myleene's mummy for organising it.

Holly's colourful window display. Well done Holly 😁

Lily has been doing some baking. Look at those lovely buns 😍

Orlagh has been learning some new skills by helping her mummy make dinner. She also made some Easter crafts which she is going to hang up around her house.

Thomas has been very busy with school work and farming. Good boy, keep it up!

Maggie very kindly send us a picture of the ewe and her 4 baby lambs

A lovely message and some pictures received from Emily Rose today to let everyone know what she has been getting up to

Last term we focused on explanation texts and we looked at the lifecycle of a frog. Daniel found some frog spawn and now has tadpoles. He can watch them develop and grow legs. He could maybe use what he learned in class to help him write some sentences about what is happening.

Emily has been taking part in PE with Joe, making some lovely buns and even learning her 5 and 10 times tables. Good girl!

Raymond sent me a lovely email today telling me how busy he has been on the farm. In between all this he has also found time to learn his spellings and do some maths work. Keep all that hard work up Raymond!

Orlagh has been practising her spellings and her mental maths. She got them all correct. 😁 Well done Orlagh! She also spent some time learning a little about the world around us by watching Maddie Moate mini beasts.

Emily Rose has been keeping herself busy by making some bread. It looks lovely! Well done πŸ‘

Mrs Graham and Bella were very busy baking and made some delicious rice krispie squares. Have you made anything nice??