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How to plant a Bulb.

Have a look at the pictures below. Can you use them to help you write a list of instructions on how to plant a bulb?    You can do this on Purplemash or use the documents below to help you. blush 

Moving House

This is a story about a wee boy who is moving to a new house. Read the story and then answer the questions about the story. You can answer the questions on PurpleMash or you can print out the worksheet and write your answers on it!



The Emperor’s New Clothes

Read this great story. Afterwards you can print out the pictures in the document below. Cut them up and see can you sequence them in the correct order? I uploaded a coloured version and a black and white version.  If you want to colour in the pictures, print the black and white version! 


Afterwards, try the final worksheet. Can you match the words to the correct picture?