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Your updated spelling lists and activities have been attached below. Try to learn them throughout the week and then have a mini test on Friday to see how many you can remember!


Supporting your child with spelling can be difficult. Here is a website that may be useful in helping you to support your child.


People live in lots of different types of homes. I live in a house made of bricks. It has 6 windows at the front, 4 windows at the side and 5 windows at the back. Read this text to learn about different types of houses people can live in. Afterwards, answer the questions on the worksheet or complete the quiz on PurpleMash. 

Write the story


Have a look at the pictures below. Can you figure out what is happening in the pictures? Think about...


  • What the boy was doing at the start? Why do you think he was doing this?
  • Why was he upset?
  • How did the animals help him?
  • Did the boy see the animals?
  • What might the boy if he was to go back into the forest again?                                

After you are finished, try to write the story. You can do this on PurpleMash or on a spare page at home. 

   That! They! This! Then! Them

For the next few weeks we are going to learn some more HFW. I have attached 5 worksheets. One for each day of the week. I suggest you pick one word each day and focus on it for the day.  Try to say the word as many times as you can throughout the day. You could even make a poster for each word to pin up at home. This will help you to remember what each word looks like. 


Keep going over your HFW at home too! I have also attached a blank snakes and ladders chart. You can print it out and write one HFW in each square. Then your ready to play. 

Play the game with someone at home. Each time you land on a square you have to say the HFW before you move on. If you get it wrong you have to go back 1 square. If you get it right you can stay on the square you are on. blush


If you don't have a printer you can try and play this game online



Read the story of Pinocchio. Can you write a sentence under each picture to describe what is happening?

You can do this on the worksheet or on PurpleMash.