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Speech Marks


This week we are going to take a look at speech marks.


Read through the Powerpoint on speech marks and then choose what worksheet you feel more confident with.

Recount Writing


I would like you to practise your recount writing.  


A recount is the retelling of an event or an experience.  The features of recount writing include the following:-






Time words

(first, then, next, after that, finally)


Past tense

(was, were, went, got, saw, ran)


I, we, they



I have attached a recount examples - 'The Trip to the Zoo'.  Read it and see if you can spot the features of recount writing mentioned above.


I would like you to write a recount and send it to me at or upload it onto Google Classroom for me to read. 

It can be about anything at all - maybe you have went for a walk with your family, maybe you climbed a mountain or maybe you were busy in the garden.  I want to hear about it.