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Your updated spelling lists and activities have been attached below. Try to learn them throughout the week and then have a mini test on Friday to see how many you can remember!


Supporting your child with spelling can be difficult. Here is a website that may be useful in helping you to support your child.

The Cook and the King 

Over the past few weeks I have been doing lots of baking. I have made buns, cakes, pizza and even some fudge. Have you been doing some baking too? I'd love to hear about it. Why don't you send me an email to tell me about it. You could try to write the email your self and use some adjectives to describe what it tasted like.surprise


Someone else has been doing some cooking too! The King in this story!! To listen to the story watch the following video.

Can you write a sentence to recount the story and describe what happened in each picture. Remember to try and use adjective and time words like first, next, then, after that, finally. Try to include capital letters and full stops too. 

You will find this activity set as a 2do on PurpleMash. I have attached some instructions below to explain how to use the PurpleMash resource. I can't wait to read your work!!

Breakfast in Bed 

Tom wanted to give his Mum a surprise by making her breakfast in bed. Look at the pictures to find out what happened.


Can you write a sentence to describe what happened in each picture? 

You can print the page in the document below or you can do it on PurpleMash through the 2do activity that I set for you. 

Anna and the Wolf 

Can you read the sentences and pick the correct word to fill in the blank. blush This activity is set as a 2do on PurpleMash!! Have a go! 

Rhyme Time 


Watch this video to learn about rhyming words.



Play this game to practise your rhyming skills.




Can you use your rhyming skills to complete the rhyme below?