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Your updated spelling lists and activities have been attached below. Try to learn them throughout the week and then have a mini test on Friday to see how many you can remember!


Supporting your child with spelling can be difficult. Here is a website that may be useful in helping you to support your child.

Sentence Building

This is a really fun activity and it will help you to learn you spellings and HFW. Gather up some stones. Write some of your HFW and Spellings on the stones. Can you move the stones to make a sentence? How many different sentences can you make using the same stones? blush I can't wait to see what you come up with! Email me at





Stop Telling Fibs! 

This is one of my favourite stories! It is so funny! I hope you like reading it too. 

 Afterwards, there are a number of pictures in the document below. Look at the pictures and see can you write a rhyming caption for each picture. The first one has been done for you.


If you like you can do it on PurpleMash. I have set it as a 2do task. That way I will get to see your lovely work. 



Why not try the comprehension task I  set on PurpleMash too! I would love to see how much you remember from reading the story. This will help us to practice our retrieval skills and be like Retriever Rex.


When your done. If you really want a challenge, write what you think will happen next in the story. You can do this on the worksheet below or on PurpleMash. Don't forget to send me your ideas! smiley

Birthday Party 

Tom and Sophie are planning a party. Can you write a list of things they need to get in the shop? Remember to include some things you really  like too!! 


You can do this on PurpleMash or using the worksheet below!



Month of May 

As it is the month of May why don't you practise learning how to read and spell the word May using this worksheet. Remember that May is the name of a month, so it needs a capital letter. 




Become an Amazing Author


Look at the pictures below. Think about....

  • where the man was and why
  • why the dog came up to him
  • what the dog was like
  • what the dog was called
  • where the dog had been
  • how the dog felt 
  • how the man felt 
  • how the dogs owner felt. 


Can you write the story?