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Log on to Purplemash and complete the '2do' activity labelled 'Addition' to practise your addition skills.


The game I picked for you is really fun! You can even choose your own character!! See how many you can get correct!! Let someone at home play! Can you do better than them?! 




Odd and Even Numbers


Count in 2s from 0 to 30. Remember you are counting in 2s you count the even numbers. Can you start at 8 and stop at 20. Try starting at 6 and stopping at 24.  Can you count backwards in 2s from 20 to 0? 


Watch this video to learn about even numbers


Play this game to practise your amazing skills

Complete this activity to help you learn about odd and even numbers and help the Aliens at the same time!!! 

Listen to the song about Odd Tod and Even Steven!


If you have a dice at home this is a fun game you could try with someone at home!smiley



Will the Wizard needs to help with his magic potions. Can you help him?