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Last week we learnt how to identify coins. I was very impressed with your hard work! This week we are learning a bit more about money. We are learning how to add coins together. Why don’t you get some things from around your house and set up a shop! It could be a food shop or a toy shop. Make some price labels. Can you use 1p,2p,5p,10p and 20p coins to pay for the thing in your shop?

Here are some videos you might like to watch to help you with adding coins if you are stuck!

Number Bonds to 10

Being able to recall your number bonds to 10 is a really important skill and will help you a lot when you move into Primary 3. Complete these worksheets and play the games below to help you practise them.


Hit the Button

Top of the Class

Number Bonds to 10


Half past!

This week we are going to do a bit more work on the clock. We are going to continue to look at half past because it can take a lot of practise to master telling the time. This is an important skill because if you don’t know how to tell the time you will be late for parties, football, dancing and school.

I have attached a PowerPoint below. This PowerPoint will teach you about reading the clock.

Play the games I have set for you to help you practise your skills. You will find them when you click the following link and then type in the following code.



Afterwards, try out these worksheets to see how you get on!