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Near Doubles!

Knowing how to calculate the answers to near doubles is important because it can help you do alot of your maths faster. First you need to make sure you know your doubles to 10 by heart. Play this game if you need more practise and don't forget to learn the Doubles Baby Rap! -Doubles to 10



When you are ready to learn about near doubles have a look at the PowerPoint below. Afterwards, try the worksheets. blush


Left and Right


Watch this video to help you practise your left and right


Can you practise your skills using these worksheets?



                Counting in 5s


Sing this song 2 or 3 times to help you practise couting in 5s!


Now practise your skills using these worksheets!


Move the Car

Go to Purplemash and select the 2Do called 'Bee Bot task'. Try to see if you can use the arrows to direct the car to the hospital and then to the bank. This will help you to learn about directions and turning. 


Real life problems 

Maths problem solving challenges are very important to help you know how to use maths to help you in your every day life. These are challenges so they are hard but have a go and see what you can do. If you are finding them too hard, don't worry. Just give them a try. blush