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Near doubles

Last week we learnt that to calculate near doubles we would have to figure out the closest double, work out the answer and then add 1. 

Here is a game you can play to practise your near double skills. 


1. Print out the game board. 

2. Roll the dice. 

3.Move the counter the correct number of spaces. 

4. Calculate the near double.

5. If you are correct you can stay where you are, if you are incorrect you have to move back 1 space!


Days of the Week 


We are going to learn the names of the days of the week and what order they come in.

Watch the video at this link to help you remember the days of the week. There are also 2 games at this link you might want to play too!!blush


Here is another online game you can play too


Here is a song to help you too! You can sing this one all week!



Now try these worksheets!


Here are some activities to help you recognise left and right along with follow directions.


Simon Says

Why not try to play Simon Says and tell your partner how to move. 

For example, 

  • Simon says turn left.
  • Simon says move 3 steps forward. 
  • Simon says move 2 steps back.
  • Simon says turn left and walk 2 steps forward. 


Build it

You need two stacks of building blocks. One person will build their blocks while describing their movements to the other person, who will try to copy them. At the end see, see if you have the same structure. 



Complete the worksheets

Can you use directions to help you complete the worksheets below?

Before and After

Before and after are two terms we use to describe the position of numbers in a sequence. Sometimes children can find it difficult to remember the difference between before and after and it is important to provide lots of experience with this skill to support the children developing a full understanding. 


Before is the same as 1 less.

After is the same as 1 more. 


Try these worksheets blush

Addition Facts

Practise the addition fact through playing the tasks assigned to you on SplashLearn. Remember to access this you can find the instructions on the top of our class page.