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2-D Shapes -This video will explain 2-D shapes This is a fun song to help you remember the names for 2D shapes.


Complete the worksheets below to help you practise your skills. 


You could also play this game to help you practise recognising 2-D shapes!



Skip Counting 

Practise skip counting in 2s,5s and 10s using the game set as a 2do on PurpleMash. 


Look at the picture of the shop. Can you use skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, to help you count how many of each thing is in the shop.

If you enjoy all the games try this worksheet. It is a challenge to count in 2s up to 100.

Number Bonds

Play the game Bond Bubbles to help you practise your number bonds to 20. You need to click on Challenge A.  

Comparing Lengths and Heights

Go through this PowerPoint with someone at home. Discuss the height and length of the animals. blush


Afterwards print the worksheets. Can you cut the animals out and sort them into animals in the tall jungle, short jungle or same size jungle.


There is also a task you may like to complete using SplashLearn.


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Months of the Year


Learn about the months of the year and their order by reading this PowerPoint. Talk about the things you know about the months of the year with someone at home!  


Afterwards you can sing this song :)