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You have all been added to a learning resource called Splash Learning.

Through this website I can set learning activities for you to complete at home. To access these learning activities follow the instructions in the document below! 

I will save this document at the top of the class page for easy access.



Subtraction is when we count backwards to take away.

The number always gets smaller when we subtract. 

Watch this video


You could now try some of these activities at home to help you practise your subtraction.




Try set up some plastic cups and use a small ball to knock some cups down. Can you write out the subtraction sentence. Don't forget to include the - and = signs. 


For example, if you have 10 plastic cups and knock down 3 you would write down 10-3=7

If you have any playdough at home, you could use it to help you figure out the answers to some subtraction questions.heart


For example, if you have the sum 17-4 you would make 17 balls using the play dough and then squish 4 of them to take 4 away. Can you count how many is left? That is your answer.  17-4=13yes


Start with subtraction sums up to 10, then try up to 15, then 20 and if you want a challenge try up to 25!!


Make sure you practise writing out the sum with the - and = signs! blush  


If you want to make your own playdough you can find a recipe here



You could even use some Lego at home to build towers and then take the correct number of Lego pieces away! blush

For example, if you build a tower that has 18 Lego pieces and then another builder comes and takes away 6 Lego pieces, how many are left? 

18-6= 12 

Why don't you try doing some subtraction sums with your favourite sweets or biscuits! You could even eat them when your finished!! blush
Use the worksheets below you help you practice your skills!!blush

Counting in 2s 

Help your mum with the washing this week and practice counting in 2s at the same time. Help your mum match up all the pairs of socks and as you do count in 2s. How high can you count? Can you count in 2s up to 40? surpriseCan you count backwards in 2s to 0?surprise  Use a spare piece of paper to label the socks. Get someone at home to hide some of the numbers. Can you figure out what numbers are missing? 



You can try this activity again with your shoes!blush



Telling the time

Being able to read the clock is a very important skill to help us everyday.  Watch the following two videos to help you learn more about telling time.


Now try these games for some practise.