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Well done to all the boys and girls who were working very hard on SplashLearn last week. I have added some new activities for you to try this week! Keep up the hard work! blush


This video will support you helping your child with subtraction.


This is a video which will support your child in understanding subtraction



Try the activities set on SplashLearn AND the worksheets below to practise your skills. You could also practise your skills using the game

We have used this before in school so you will really enjoy this one. You could even use it to help you count back on the number line to answer the questions on the worksheets.  





Telling the time 

This week we are going to learn a bit more about telling the time.

Before we start watch this video to remind you what you learnt last week.


If you haven't completed the activities on SplashLearn I would advise you to do this before you move on to any further learning. 


This week we are learning how to read the clock when it is 30 minutes past the hour. For example, 30 minutes past 1 or 30 minutes past 3. This can also be said as half past 1 or half past 3. 


Watch the video to learn a bit more


Try the game on SplashLearn to practise your new skills. blush



When we were in school we all did a lot of hard work learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

Watch these videos to remind yourself about the 2D and 3D shapes.


2D Shapes-

3D Shapes-


Why don't you try these games to help you practise recognising and naming the shapes. 


Splash learn- I have assigned you 2 games here. 

Feed the Shape monsters the correct shape -

Make some patterns with the 2D shapes-

Click on this link and then enter the code FS6951 to play two more activities I have assigned for you.