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Well done to all the boys and girls who were working very hard on SplashLearn last week. I have added some new activities for you to try this week! Keep up the hard work! 

Fact Families


Fact families are really special and they can help to make maths really easy! Read the lovely book below to learn more about fact families. You can print it out and colour it in to help you remember how important these are!smiley



Watch the video below to learn a bit more.



You are now ready to play this game to help you practise your new skills! Have fun!blush



You can also try to complete the task on Splashlearn! 



Today we are learning about symmetry. Watch this video smiley


Play this game to practise your symmetry skills! Can you find all the lines of symmetry?



In school we had been doing a lot of work to help us learn our doubles. We are doing to do some practise this week to make sure we don't forget them. 


Sing our doubles rap to help you remember them. You could even print this out and pin in up in your house so you can sing it all the time. blush


Can you complete the worksheets below?

I have also set a task for you to complete on Splashlearn!

If you get them completed you might want to play this game! It is super fun smiley








Can you use the skills you learnt from using the BeeBot to help you direct the turtle to find the treasure on PurpleMash?

I can't wait to see how you get on! It is set as a 2do activity! Good Luck!blush



Addition and Subtraction 

Adding and taking away are very important skills we need every day. Try the activities set on Splashlearn to help you practise your skills!


The worksheets below will help you practise you subtraction skills. Can you find the differences?