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P1 Miss Cunningham

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Class Teacher: Miss Cunningham

Teaching Assistant: Sharon Grant


2D Shapes 



This week we have been practising numbers to 3. We went outside to help us. We played a game where we had to jump on the numbers. When we jumped on 1 we had to do 1 jump.

When we jumped on 2 we had to do 2 claps, when we jumped on 3 we had to do 3 star jumps.

We then practised writing the numbers with chalk on the ground. After that we played a game where we had to listen carefully to hear the number being called out. When we heard it we had to race to the number and use a spray bottle to splash water on the correct number.

Syl -la- bles

We have also been learning about syllables. Some words only have 1 syllable. These are short words. We also learnt that some longer words can have 2,3 or even 4 syllables. Wanda the Witch showed us how to break words into syllables. We then got a chance to put on her Witch hat and pull out a word from her magic bucket. We then had to clap out the word to find out how many syllables are in the word. We then sorted the words into the correct circles. .

Copying a Pattern 

This week we have continued our work on patterns. We were given a large range of different materials and made lots of different patterns. 


This week we have been learning about patterns.

First, we made a boy girl pattern first.

We then made some patterns with our bodies by clapping and stamping.

After that we made some patterns with different counters.

We even did some patterns on the IWB.

Rhyming Rainbows

We have been working hard to find rhyming words. We played some games this week where we had to find the rhyming words and put them together to make the rainbow. 


Rhyming Rhino

This week we have been learning how to find rhyming words. We got a chance to put on Rhyming Rhino’s Mask and find the rhyming words. We really enjoyed this and we are getting very good at finding the rhyming words.

Tommy Two 


This week we learnt about the number 2. We went to Ten Town and we met Tommy Two. He likes to do things in 2s. He helps King One around the castle. Tommy Two bends down to tie the king’s shoe laces and uses a rhyme to help us remember how to write number 2.

Have a look at our pictures to see us learning how count up to 2 and write the number 2.


Week Beginning 27th September

Sponsored Walk in Silent Valley

Today the whole school went  on a sponsored walk today in aid of the Mourne First Responders. We had a fantastic day  whilst taking part in this charity event. Well done to all the boys and girls for working so hard to raise money for this great charity. Thank you to everyone who supported all the boys and girls in raising money for such a worthy cause. 

2D Shape Hunt

Today we went on a hunt to find some 2D shapes around the school. We got into pairs and were give shape cards and a tablet. We searched all around the school to find shapes. When we found a shape we had to use our picture cards to find the matching shape. We then had to take a picture on the tablet. We learnt how to open the tablet again if the screen locked and we learnt how to take pictures. We had lots of fun and found so many shapes. We can now name squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. 

Musical Tambourine

 This week we have been developing out ability to hear the difference between musical sounds. Miss Cunningham played a tune on the tambourine and we had to copy her. We really enjoyed this but it was quite tricky! 


Have a look at the play we had this week. 

Week Beginning Monday 20th.

Number 1

This week we learnt all about number 1. 

We started by learning about the Numicon shape 1. We then met the Numberblock 1 and then we met King 1 who taught us how to write number 1. 

We played lots of games to help us learn about 1 and how to write it. We painted 1, we made 1 out of playdough, we made the number 1 shape using 1 Numicon shapes, we made Numicon 1 towers, we traced 1 in sand, we even pretended to be detectives and we searched through the sand tray to find the 1 Numicon shapes and 1 Numberblock pictures. We had to be careful when we did this because there were other shapes in the sand tray too trying to trick us.

Sammy Snake 

This week in Literacy we went to ‘Letterland’ on our train. We met the letter Sammy Snake and we learnt all about the sound he makes and the name of his letter. We played lots of games to get to know Sammy Snake and his sound and we even got to make our own Sammy Snake hat. We had great fun. Look at our pictures to see what we learnt. 

Making Music

Today we were learning that we can make different sounds. We had some chopsticks and we went on a walk around the school to make as many different sounds as we could. We made some loud sounds, some soft sounds and even some 'zig, zag' sounds.


Ordering Numicon Smallest to Biggest

Happy Birthday to You!

This week we have been learning about celebrations that are important to us. We talked about our birthdays and all the different things that we do on our Birthdays. We talked about why we have a birthday. We designed our own birthday cards. We used playdough to design our own cakes. We made our own birthday hats and we even used Lego to design our own presents. 

Numicon Numbers

This week we have been learning about Numicon. We learnt that Numicon are special shapes that help us to learn about Numbers. We talked about and learnt the Numicon colour names. We played some games to help us. We also got to use the Numicon to make some pictures. This helped us to become familiar with how each shape looks. This will help us to visualise the numbers as we begin to learn them.  

Special Names

This week we have been learning all about our names. We learnt that we each have a name and why our names are important.

We had great fun decorating our names with coloured paper. We listened to some relaxing music when we did this too. This also helped us to develop our fine motor skills.

Listening Walk

This week we have been working on our developing our ability to hear different sounds. We went on a walk around the school and listened carefully to see what we could hear. We heard a plane in the sky, a dog barking, a bird singing, leaves rustling and a builder working. 

First Week Fun

We had a fantastic first week in P1. It was filled with fun, laughter and games. We can't wait to stay in school until 2.00pm next week so we can have even more fun. Have a look at our pictures to see what we got up to this week. 

Our First Day 


Today we welcomed some new P.1. pupils to school. We had a great time getting to know each other and playing together. 

Have a look at the pictures to see all our smiling faces.