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Our Topic this week is Transport. Transport is very important to us as it helps us to get to different places such as the shop, school and work. Below are some activities related to transport for you to try!blush


1.This was my favourite show when I was your age. Why don't you watch this episode about buses to learn all about them.


2. You can try to design your own car using Purplemash. I set it as a '2do'. (Instructions on how to access Purplemash will be attached on the home page.)


3.Learn about transport from now and in the past through looking at the PowerPoint and then completing the worksheet.  

4. Watch this video to learn about hot air balloons.

You could try to design your own hot air balloon at home. Here are some ideas for you! 


5. Pretend you are on your own hot air balloon and you could go anywhere in the world you wanted. Write a few sentences to describe where you would go and why. smiley I have added this as a 2do activity on Purplemash for you to try! smiley 


6.Complete the games and activities related to Transport on Purplemash!