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This week we are learning about Boats and Pirates!


Why don’t you watch this video to learn more about boats



Here is some more information on how boats are built. You might need an adult to help you read this one.

Go to PurpleMash to design your own Boat!

This PowerPoint will show you pictures of lots of different ways you can move on the sea. Why don't you draw a picture of your favourite type! I would love you to send me a picture of your amazing artwork!

Why don't you try to build your own boat and see does it float?

Before you do, try this floating and sinking experiment. This will help you to make sure you pick the best material for your boat!blush

I would love to see some pictures! Send them to me at


Now we are going to learn a bit about Pirates! 


Here are some Pirate videos for you to watch

Go to PurpleMash to design your own Pirate Ship!

Try these super fun science experiments!

Read through the PowerPoint to learn about Pirate Ships. Can you label the pirate ship using what you learnt?

My Granny is a Pirate


Listen to this story