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This week we are going to do a bit of work on our feelings and emotions.


Here is a lovely story about emotions.


Listen to it and then fill in the worksheet by drawing faces that match the different emotions. If you want a challenge, try the next worksheet. On it you have to read the different events and match them to the correct feeling!


Guess the Emotion


  1. Print out the ‘Emotion Game’ document and cut each emotion into a card.
  2. Shuffle the emotions cards and place them on a stack face down in the middle of the table.
  3. Your child will select a card from the stack without looking at it. Your child will then will hold the card up at their forehead without looking at it.  Now everyone can see which emotion but your child has but they won’t be able to see it .
  4. Give the child some example situations when they might feel like this. For example, if your child has the ‘Happy’ emotion card you could say, ‘you feel like this when you get a present’, ‘you feel like this when you eat your favourite food, ‘you feel like this when you play with your friends’.
  5. You child has to guess which emotion they are holding.


I felt like this when ….

This is another game you can play at home. This time it is a board game. Roll the die and move that number of squares. Read the emotion written in the square and say a time when you have felt this emotion, e.g. I feel happy when I am riding my bike.  You can get all your family involved in this game too!! What great fun!

Yoga Time

Here is a great yoga video .

Why don’t you take part? It will help you feel relaxed!blush