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This week we are learning about the Circus!

Have a go at some of the Circus themed tasks that I set for you to do. You will find them set as '2Do' in the Purple Alert section. For more information on how to access them see the main class page. 

At the Circus Sequencing


Cut out the pictures on the page, turn them face down on the table. 

Your child can then turn over the first picture of the sequence and place it on the left-hand side of the table. Always work from left to right. Discuss what is happening in the picture and what might happen next. Create a sentence about each picture together. Before you turn over the next picture, make sure you and your child predicts what might happen next in the story. 

 Design a poster to advertise the circus coming to town or to advertise one of the circus acts. You can design your poster on this special circus paper.

Design your own clown hat and become part of the circus!

Practise your handwriting skills with this pencil control circus worksheet!