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This week we are going to learn about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are really fascinating!


Watch this video to learn a bit more


Below is a fantastic book that will teach you lots about dinosaurs. Read it with someone at home and tell me about any facts you learnt using the 2Do set on PurpleMash called Dinosaur Factfile! blush


Below are some fact cards about dinosaurs. They will tell you about the height, lenght, weight and diet of each dinosaur. They will also tell you some fascinating facts! 

Have a read to see what you can learn! You can complete the fact files on PurpleMash using this information to help you! 

You could make your own fact file at home if you can't access PurpleMash. 

Make your own fossil!!

Build a Dinosaur

Make your own dinosaur using some scrap materials from home. You can choose any of the dinosaurs you like!

Instead you could print out the documents below and build your own dinosaur. 

I have attached the instructions as well to help you!blush


Don't forget to send me pictures of anything you make!

Read the dinosaur sentences. Remember to sound out the words and use your HFW to help you! 

Afterwards, try to use what you have learnt to write your own sentences about Dinosaurs!