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This week our mini topic is lighthouses. 


Click on this link to see some images of inside a lighthouse!blush


Watch this YouTube clip to have a look at lots of different types of lighthouses!


Click here to learn about how lighthouses work


Who do you think might live in a light house? What is their job? Could you do some research on the internet to find out?


Use this website to help you  

Write anything you know about lighthouses on the 2do task set on PurpleMash called 'Who lives in the lighthouse?'


Below is a PowerPoint to teach you a bit more about lighthouses!blush


Did you know the lighthouse at Cranfield is called the Haulbowline Lighthouse!


The lighthouse is 34m high. That is about the same height as 3 telegraph poles stacked on top of eachother.surprise

The lighthouse used to be painted white.

The lighthouse is 195 years old! 


Watch this fantastic video of the lighthouse at Cranfield up close.

Can you label the lighthouse? Use the PowerPoint from above to help you find the answers!

Letter from a lighthouse keeper. 


I received this letter from a lighthouse keeper. He wants your help. Read the letter and see can you help him out! blush





I have attached his pictures below for you to look at! blush


I Spy and Counting 


For this task you will need to pick to do addition to 10 or addition to 20. 

Print both documents related to the task. ( The 'Checklist' and the 'I Spy')

You have to count the number of each object and then complete the addition sums! blush