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The Little Mermaid


Read the story of the Little Mermaid again.


Divide your page into two.  Think of pros and cons for Ariel to live under the sea.  Try and find at least 4 pros and 4 cons.  

Make a real life mermaid tail with socks like below or use play dough, a figure and some jewels and make a mermaid tail.


On a page write about what you would ask the Sea Witch to turn you into? 


Include a description and give me at least 3 reasons why you chose this. 


For example:

I would like the Sea Witch to turn me into a shark because I would be able to swim in the ocean.  I would not be afraid of other animals and I would have sharp teeth.

Pirate Pete's Talk Like A Pirate


Click here to listen to the story:




Help the pirate find different items e.g. compass, gold coins, treasure chests by using different coding instructions.

Pretend you are Pirate Pete and ask an adult to ask you questions. 

E.g. What sort of pirate would you like? What does the pirate have to look like? What will their job be?  What ocean will they be sailing in? What treasure would you like the new pirate to help you find?


Then create a “Wanted” Poster for the new pirate.  Don’t forget to include the reward.

You could get creative and make a paper plate pirate like the examples below. 


As always please send me photos of your work.